Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kovasi Aithe (Reena)


Martyrdom : 20-10-2008

Com. Reena was born in the Kovasi family in Pamulur village of Konta tehsil, Dantewada district. Reena was known as Aithe at home. She belonged to a peasant family. She had two elder brothers and one sister. She worked in CNM when she was at home. She joined the PLGA in 2006 and worked in the Kistaram squad. She was transferred to Company-2 in August 2006. She mingled well with all the comrades in the company. She was much disciplined in her personal life too and took part whole heartedly in all the works in the company. She worked as part of the company CNM and taught song and dance to her soldiers.

She learnt from her mistakes and advanced in her work. Once in a firing she could not stand firmly. When she was criticized for that, she took that lesson to heart and had implemented it later. In the Ranibodili attack she fought bravely. She served as a model by fighting daringly in that attack. In the Pullem and Pamulavaya firings, Com. Reena faced the enemy bravely. In this ambush, five enemy soldiers were killed and eight weapons were seized.

In the Modakpally ambush on October 20, 2008 Com. Reena was fulfilling the responsibility given to her and was martyred in that firing. She fought with the enemy till her last breath. She was a good cultural activist and a good soldier too. She was always with a smile on her face. She was a model to all youngsters. Let us intensify people’s war to fulfill the dreams of the martyrs. Let us pledge to carry forward the aims of the brave martyrs of Modakpally ambush.

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