Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Soni (Vanitha)


Martyrdom : 12-08-2008

Com. Soni was born in the village Kounde of Bhamragadh area. Her mother died due to illness when Soni was still a child. She had a younger brother. Her father married again. After Vanitha grew up she used to work in other people’s homes for a living. She also took up household responsibilities in her home. Though she had many responsibilities, she was always present whenever the squad visited her village. She became a member of KAMS in 2001.

The desire to join the PLGA increased in her as she became active in the revolutionary activities. She finally joined the PLGA on May 22, 2008. She began working in CNM. Suddenly she became ill and died on August 12, 2008. She worked as a PR just for three months but she became a source of inspiration for all mass organization members with her great enthusiasm.

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