Report on 8th of March 2014 in Hamburg




Red Women’s Committee

In preparation of this years 8th of March we mobilized with 4,000 leaflets and hundreds of posters in proletarian quaters for our lecture series and the demonstration on 8th of March itself. The lectures of the Red Womens Committee Hamburg took place in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. In its context it became clear that there is the possibility to develop proletarian-feminist work on a higher level. It became obvious that there is a need of a nationwide revolutionary women’s movement.

The different class-currents of feminism, its revolutionary core as part of the ideology of the proletariat, the concrete double oppression and exploitation of women in the FRG and the need for a class-conscious women’s movement under the leadership of a Communist Party was pointed out. A total of about 500 people participated in the demonstration for women’s day in Hamburg.

In the demonstration, we participated with 40 comrades in a visually well-defined block of proletarian expression and slogans such as “Proletarian Feminism for Communism!”, “Unleash the power of women as a mighty force of the revolution!”, “For a women’s movement with class-conscious position – in Communism we achieve our emancipation” and “The only road to socialism is the masses grasping the gun!”. In front of the front banner comrades pay tribute to 4 great and outstanding leaders of our class, Comrade Norah, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin and Chiang Ching bearing their pictures during the whole demonstration.

We, as well as the other organizations involved, held a speech from the soundtruck in which we held up and defended the content already introduced in the lectures. Through the use of a microphone and the actively participation of all participants our block got a very vivid, confident and combative expression. In this year, after the birth of the Red Women’s Committee Hamburg at the beginning of last year, we succeded in independently preparing and developing the entire work as a committee.

Among other things, this proves that it is not a “campaign project” but there is, must and will be a stronger and continuous practice throughout the year. Today’s demonstration is an important step in this direction. Goal is and remains, to enforce and use proletarian feminism as in integral part of the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, as a weapon against imperialism, revisionism and reaction. That is, in fact, to develop the power of women as a mighty force of the revolution.

Red Women’s Committee

Hamburg 8th March 2014

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