ITALY – From the Women’s Strike to our grasp of a Red Women’s Day, to the struggle of women in every aspect of the conditions of life

The 25 November, with the women’s strike “against femicides, rapes, sexual violence and the entire condition of women” we lit many fires, from the North to the South of the country. It was a historical event, new, that fills us with strength and pride. With this feeling we closed a terrible year because of hundreds of femicides/rapes, the attacks by government and bosses on our conditions of life and job, the general climate of oppression. With this feeling and even more determined, we opened 2014, which began with new femicides.

The women’s strike, that has given rise to moments of struggle, joy, anger, rebellion against this society, mother of all the forms sexual violence, was just the beginning and represents a step of a long, tortuous but shining path of struggle strong actions of women for what we desire and deserve … to break the double chains that this barbaric capitalist society has imposed on us, to unleash the fury of women as a powerful force of revolution against this system and its modern Middle Age!

The strike of the women marked a point of no return: women do not want anymore just to denounce and complain, they rebel and fight. And then we say to men who hate women, the bosses, the government, the state which hate women: “never the same again!” “All life must change!” Today we feel stronger also because the strike of women has drawn a dividing line between the real struggle of the most exploited and oppressed women, the rebel girls, and the institutionalized feminism of the political/parliamentary élites.

Women workers in the factories, toilers, the precarious workers in many jobs have been the majority part of this “women’s strike”, women who took the “strike” in their hands, giving a definite sign of class to the general battle of all women. They were joined by the girls, students, which brought to the strike, in the street demos, the fresh wind of their beautiful rebellion, shouting “you’ll never get us as you want us”. The intertwinement of class and gender that the women’s strike led was and is the right weapon, a “danger” for bosses, government, State, men which hate women. A “mix” that now we have to extend, from many small fires it will become a single big fire. Therefore, this year THE WOMEN’S DAY IS EVEN MORE RED, STRUGGLING AND PROLETARIAN!

A day of protests, struggling actions in many cities, from South to North, from Palermo to Taranto, Milan, Bologna, Rome, etc. A Women’s Day that unites all the battles of women, against the low-intensity conflict that kills us and on our whole condition of life, against all forms of oppression, against the modern Middle Age that governments and the State of the masters impose on us.

A Women’s Day that unites in the same struggle Italian and immigrant women, humiliated, harassed and even drowned, as happened in Lampedusa. A Women’s Day that will be a “bridge” to the women, workers, who struggle in other countries: Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, etc.., to the revolutionary comrades, communist women who are at the forefront of people’s wars, from India to the Philippines, Turkey … to change earth and heaven!

A Women’s Day to say “stop” modern fascism, no more reformism, we want make revolution! If we want to change all our life, the whole society must be toppled!

A Women’s Day that, with the shout of women in struggle, refuses and smashes the hypocrite mass media campaign of the representatives of bourgeois politics aimed to stifle the fury of women as a powerful force of the revolution!

A Women’s Day in which, as in the “Women’s Strike”, workers, toilers, young women take in their hands the initiative to restore the historical dignity, the class truth of the Women’s Day, because it is not for all women, is not inter-classist, it belongs to the most exploited and oppressed women, who are the majority of the women who rise up, the girls who fight for a different future.


In the women’s strike we built a platform of demands, uniting needs and dreams of the struggling women. Let us develop on each of its points concrete struggles, a campaign of organization and action, even lawsuits, to achieve results that help our general struggle and give us more strength and confidence that we can must struggle.

Let us develop struggles in the cities, neighbourhoods, for a job for women, for a guaranteed wage that gives them the economic independence, against the precarious job and also against the double work, etc.

Let us organize mobilization in the factories against the discrimination, the attacks on the rights of women, on maternity, for conditions of work and shifts that do not punish women, against sexual harassment, against the sexist climate prevailing in the unions and also among workers, with new initiatives and claims, breaking the schemes.

And then let us unite the different battles to build together a national-wide mobilization against the government, the State of the masters, with a siege of the buildings of Power and the women of bourgeois power. Let us open in the schools also the struggle on the cultural, ideological front, against the false sexist culture, aimed to oppress and kill the critical knowledge, a true science, to put as unchangeable the reality of women, their traditional role in the society. We want revolution on everything!

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement – Italy –femminismo

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