Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Kummadthong Martyrs

vetti channi

Comrade Vetti Channi

Martyrdom : 11-08-2008

Vetti Channi was born in a poor adivasi family in Kummodthong village. She was a young comrade aged 24 years. Channi was influenced by revolutionary politics since she was a child. She began understanding about the atrocities committed by the exploiting governments on the poor people even from her childhood. Channi thought that without a Maoist movement these atrocities would not end. She decided to end the patriarchal oppression on women by joining the revolutionary movement.

In 2004, Channi joined the Gram Raksha Dal. She participated in activities along with Jan Militia members and mingled well with them. Seeing her political development, the party transferred her to work in KAMS in 2007. She was elected to the village committee of KAMS and she participated in activities conducted to solve all kinds of problems of the village people. Her role in solving the problems of the people was commendable.

She prepared the people to fight back the repression of the state and thus fulfilled her responsibilities as an organizer well. On 11 August, 2008, she went to the camping site of the Jan Militia from her field carrying an axe on her shoulders. Just then the police started firing on them. She was hit by a police bullet in her chest and she fell down and died on the spot. The police took off her clothes and put on her the dress of the militia members which they got from their bags to hide the fact that she was an unarmed person. They took her dead body to Dornapal. Comrade Channi died while fulfilling her responsibilities as a disciplined soldier in the revolutionary movement. Let us humbly bow our head and pay homage to her.

sodi idime

Comrade Sodi Idime

Sodi Idime was born in a middle class adivasi family in the village Tolnai (Konta Tehsil, Dantewada district, South Bastar division). She was just eighteen years old when she was killed by the police in indiscriminate firing. Idime studied till fourth standard in Dornapal and was staying there from 2003 for studies. In 2006, when she was in Dornapal, the fascist Salwa Judum repressive campaign has already started. The Salwa Judum goons did not spare the school going students too and it became very difficult for the students to continue studying in the midst of their harassment. Many of them were forcefully turned into SPOs. Idime was not at all for it and she did not want her life to be associated with this fascist outfit which perpetrated untold atrocities on her own people. She ran away from her school.

When Idime came back to her village the terror of Salwa Judum was seen everywhere. Everything belonging to the people was destroyed. Many of them were forcefully taken to the sibirs. She saw with her own eyes what kind of ‘development’ the government is forcing on the people. She saw how women were raped and how whole villages were being razed down. She decided that she would join the PLGA and fight back these fascist forces. Idime was not new to revolutionary politics. She knew about the party and PLGA from her childhood as they carried out activities in their village. She always made it a point to meet the squad and wish it ‘’Lal Salaam” whenever it came to their village.

As she was a student she began reading party literature too. Finally she decided to join the party and placed the proposal in front of the squad commander. The Area Committee immediately decided to recruit her and gave the responsibility of bringing her to the appointment to the Penta Jan Militia comrades. She was given an appointment in Kummadthong village on 11 August, 2008.

On 11-08-2009, the Penta Jan Militia comrades camped at a site and sent three comrades to bring her. Just a few minutes after Idime came to the site the police attacked them and Idime died in that indiscriminate firing by the police. This is one of the saddest incidents in the revolutionary movement as this young girl died even without getting a chance to work for the cause she had chosen to dedicate her life to. Let us vow to build a society where students who want to serve the masses could do so without any hindrance or losing their lives

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