Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Jayamma (Saritha)


Martyrdom : 28-10-2008

Saritha (35) was born in Gollapalli village of Narayanpur mandal of Medak district. Her original name was Jaya. She studied till 7th standard. Her village was associated with the revolutionary movement. She met the squad in 1994 with a personal problem. She and another man were in love but after some days he refused to marry her. He agreed to marry her after counseling by the squad. But while meeting with the squad she began understooding her problem from a social point of view. She understood the revolutionary politics and wanted to become a catalyst for social change. So she withdrew from the marriage proposal and joined the squad.

She worked in Narsapur squad for 3 years. She was shifted to Indupriyal squad in 1998. She became a SAC member. She worked in the women’s field. She was active in organizing and mobilizing women and keeping them in the forefront in the struggles. Then she took up the responsibility as Narsapur squad commander. She worked as commander of Achampet squad of Mahboobnagar district in 2001 after being shifted there. She also worked as a commander of river belt squad on the banks of the river Krishna. Then she took up the responsibility of women’s movement in the district. As part of that she organized women employees too. She led many struggles in the district.

She was promoted to the level of district committee member in 2006 and was shifted to the town movement. Severe repression, weakening movement, large scale losses, surrenders, betrayals marked that period. But amidst all these adverse circumstances too, she never lost confidence and worked determinedly in the middle of such a wide network of the enemy. She built up party in Guntur and Vijayawada districts secretly. According to the needs of the movement she spent some time in AOB and DK. As Sasi, she won the hearts of comrades there with her overflowing enthusiasm, eagerness and loving nature.

She not only instilled confidence among the people she worked with in AP, but also assured DK, AOB comrades that they would rekindle the movement in AP. She met two of her women colleagues after ten years and shared their memories. ‘Though AP movement faced serious losses, the revolutionary people are still protecting them as pupils of their eyes and they wanted revolution’, she said. She left an indelible mark on the cadres and people with her closeness and love. She concentrated on political study. She taught the cadres during combined study. She was a good singer and speaker too.

She always faced adverse conditions boldly. Once when she left the squad and went on some work, a renegade tried to rape and kill her. She was unarmed at that time but she boldly faced the situation, escaped from him and reached the squad with people’s help. Thus from the beginning she stood for the politics she believed in and swam against the tide. She earned a niche for herself in the AP movement. She was caught on 28-10-2008 along with her husband Ramchander (SCM of AP) and both of them were killed after severe torture by the greyhounds. Let us learn from her steadfastness, loving nature, determination to swim against the tide and carry forward her lofty aims.

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