A Call for Revolutionary Unity

This text is a first call for the third Canadian Revolutionary Congress to be held in Vancouver in the Spring of 2014. This is a call for revolution and a call to organize; a call to break with the scattering and relativism that undermines the struggles against the exploiters and for the unification of the revolutionary forces and the exploited masses in a new class struggle. Finally, this is a call for the unification of the struggle for socialism and with the just struggles of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis across the country. In the current national and international context, marked by the overall instability of the capitalist system, the unification of revolutionary forces is a key issue.

Indeed, the political unity of revolutionary forces, as the revolutionary mobilization and as the political action independent of the bourgeoisie, is one of the contributing factors that will accelerate, amplify and solidify a movement towards revolution and communism. Hence, we firmly believe that it is necessary and essential that Canadian proletarians, youth, women, immigrants and members of First Nations, Inuit and Métis unite in this movement for a new class struggle. Facing us, the bourgeoisie seems omnipotent. But even though global capitalism dominates the world, it is plagued by a long-term crisis that accentuates all of its contradictions.

The crisis of capitalism highlights the contradictions between the imperialist countries over the control of the world market and strategic geopolitical regions. This crisis produces an increase in military interventions, regional conflicts, and inter-imperialist and reactionary wars. And thus the masses must endure new imperialist wars of aggression, invasions and the pursuit of neo-colonialism. The crisis highlights the contradictions between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Indeed, the bourgeoisie is taking advantage of the crisis to restructure the capitalist system in order to start a new cycle of capital accumulation.

For the proletariat and the oppressed peoples, this translates in the intensification of exploitation, the rising of unemployment and the rising of the cost of living, relocations, layoffs, plant closures, more misery and precarity. Finally, the bourgeoisie is acting preemptively to ensure that their policies and restructuration will not be questioned. Everywhere, under the guise of fighting terrorism, states are becoming more and more openly reactionary, multiplying draconian laws and accentuating political and racist repression. But despite all these attempts to restore the stability of the system, the bourgeoisie is unable to maintain control.

The protracted crisis, albeit with varying intensity, overflows beyond the strictly economic field to produce new crises in political, cultural and social forms. Each confirms this fact: disruptions and crises mark the international and national environment for a long period of time, thus raising the fundamental question of whether the chronic instability of capitalism terminate in an inter-imperialist war or in clashes between the classes—that is, revolution. As rebellion becomes more common amongst the global masses, the reasons for refusing the capitalist order, desiring the end of this system, and seeking to be active in the anti-capitalist camp are multiplying.

It is now time to begin the process of building a new revolutionary movement in all regions of Canada, from east to west, from south to north. Revolution is the only hope for millions of desperate peoples who live in this country. The workers in Canada make up the great majority of the population and they have nothing to gain from capitalism. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came live here with the hope of improving their situation find themselves overexploited, underpaid and despised. In a country where the bourgeoisie accumulates the wealth while poverty increases, thousands of refugees remain without status and are threatened with eviction.

More than one million members of First Nations, Inuit and Métis distributed throughout the territory were despised for centuries, dispossessed by a country that prides itself in being morally “advanced.” The Third Canadian Revolutionary Congress will be an opportunity to put on the table, discuss and engage ourselves with issues related to the revolutionary strategy in Canada, that is to say, the task before us to end capitalism. We believe that all those who are convinced of the need for revolution will advance in these tasks. The third conference will also be an opportunity to engage in dialogue and debate about the struggles, demands and perspectives of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

These oppressed nations play a fundamental role in the struggle against Canadian imperialism. Among other things, they must constantly confront the plundering of their territories. Moreover, they are victims of a true neo-colonialist policy that considers their territories as internal colonies at the service of Canadian capitalism. Maoists of the Revolutionary Communist Party therefore seize this opportunity to take this first step in unifying the struggle of the proletariat and the oppressed nations for the revolutionary transformation of Canada. As can be seen, for the workers of Canada, members of First Nations or not, there is nothing more to expect from this system. Therefore, we need to put the issues of struggling against capitalism and for a socialist revolution at the heart of the way in which we organize. We call for the formation of local committees, study groups, and workshops so as to prepare for the third Canadian Revolutionary Congress. Those interested in participating are invited to contact the organizing committee at the following address:

Documents and other texts will soon be published on the PCR-RCP ( website, where the party’s program may also be consulted. There will also be preparatory meetings in different cities and regions of Canada to stimulate debate, discussion and interest specifically for the congress, but also generally for unity in theory and in practice for revolutionaries on the Canadian territory. The revolutionary party we need, it is now that we must build it.

Because it is in daring to fight that you dare win!

In solidarity, The Revolutionary Communist Party

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