Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Gajjo Dugga (Raje)


Martyrdom : 14-02-2009

Raje was a member of PL-19. She died on February 14, 2009 with illness. All efforts by the guerillas to save her proved futile. Hundreds of people from nearby villages gathered after hearing of her death and bade her revolutionary farewell. Raje was born in Uikatola village of Durgkondal tehsil, Kanker district. She was a hard worker from her childhood as she was born in a poor family. She lost her mother when she was still a child.

As the revolutionary movement spread to Manpur and Kodekurse she came into contact with it. She became a member of KAMS and later decided to join the squad. The party welcomed her decision and she joined the LOS in 2005. She worked with enthusiasm in the party. She left her indelible mark on whatever tasks she had taken up. Especially she became a darling to the people of Kodekurse area where she was born and worked. She mingled well with the masses and especially with the women.

She participated in the tendu leaf rates struggles, fair price struggles, anti- liquor agitations etc. She explained about exploitation, patriarchy and injustices to the people simultaneously while she was herself increasing her understanding about these matters. She was active in organizing women in March 8 programmes in the area every year. She became a PM in January 2007. In the PL, she was very straightforward in criticizing her comrades’ faults. She stated her views clearly. She was always with a smile on her lips. She won the love of her colleagues. Her martyrdom is a loss to the revolutionary movement.

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