World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/2/2014

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National unity govt be formed: CPN-Maoist General Secretary

KATHMANDU, FEB 26 – General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist , Ram Bahadur Thapa, has demanded that a national unity government should be formed including all political parties and write new constitution through an all-side political conference. Speaking at an interaction organized by the Nepal Rastriya Dalit Mukti Morcha on the occasion of 19th Memorial Day of the first martyr of the People’s War, Dil Bahadur Ramtel, General Secretary Thapa claimed that the current Constituent Assembly was not an independent one and that it could not write pro-people constitution. In a different note, General Secretary Thapa stressed on the need of providing the especial rights instead of reserve quotas.

Chairman of the Morcha, Tilak Pariyar, said it was necessary to move ahead to struggle for the dalit’s rights forming joint forum. Similarly, General Secretary of the Nepal Dalit’s Association, Laxmi Pariyar, said it was unfortunate not to make Dalit’s representation in the new government. Ramtel, 14-year-old student from Gorkha district, was killed on Fagun14, 2052 B.S. at the very beginning of the people’s war.


Jobless protesters torch police post in Tunisia

METLAOUI, Tunisia: Jobless Tunisian protesters have torched a police post in the impoverished central region of Gafsa, where social discontent is rife over high unemployment despite the strategic importance of its phosphate mines. The demonstrators set fire to the building in the town of Metlaoui late on Tuesday and confronted policemen, an AFP journalist reported. Local authorities said no one was hurt in the unrest, which saw one of the town’s main roads blocked.

Police eventually managed to restore order with the help of reinforcements sent from Gafsa, the regional capital. The riot was triggered by the announcement of the results of a recruitment process by a public company operating in the environmental sector. Such announcements frequently lead to clashes between unlucky candidates and the police, prompting the authorities in January not to publish the list of people recruited by a company in Gafsa.

Hal Far migrant protest quelled 1

Seven migrants get suspended sentence for Hal Far riot

Seven immigrants were condemned to a one-year jail term suspended for two years for their involvement in the riot that took place at Hal Far detention centre yesterday. The migrants, six Nigerians and a Ghanaian, pleaded guilty to assaulting and threatening police and Detention Services officers, causing damage not exceeding €1,165 and forming part of a group of 10 or more people to commit a crime. The migrants are John Kwaku, 25, from Ghana and Nigerians Ernest Eselebor, 29, Darlington Ubhimihye, 31, Jonathan Moses, 23, Jude Austin, 31, Wisdom Erhunmwunse, 29, and a 17-year-old.


Mapuche activists suspected in Araucanía arson attack

Three farm vehicles were set alight in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the Araucanía Region where tensions surrounding the ongoing Mapuche conflict and government response to land activism are running high following the conviction of an indigenous leader in an emblematic case last week. No one was harmed in the incident but two tractors and a harvester were damaged. Police and firefighters were called to the scene at around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning after farmworkers spotted the blaze.

While there were no witnesses to the crime, police reported finding a banner alluding to the Mapuche conflict, the long-running dispute between landowners, the government and indigenous activists demanding the return of ancestral territory. “Freedom for Mapuche political prisoners. Mapuche resistance,” reads the sign, circulated on Twitter by those present at the scene. The attack took place at the Fundo Las Toscas, less than four miles from Ercilla, Araucanía, dubbed by press as the “red zone” of the Mapuche conflict. Camila Flores, center-right National Renewal (RN) councillor for the metropolitan district of La Reina y Peñalolen, claimed the incident represented the severity of the ongoing conflict in the region, alluding to an emblematic court ruling last week in which a fatal arson attack was ruled not to be an act of terrorism.

“Arson attacks continue in Ercilla bearing Mapuche slogans, sewing panic in the entire region and still they say this isn’t terrorism,” Flores wrote on Twitter. RN Regional Government Councillor for Valparaíso, Percy Marin, expressed similar sentiments on Tuesday, also referencing last week’s ruling on Twitter as he cited the attack as evidence of a terrorist problem.



Anti-Obama protesters in Philippines clash with police

MANILA, Philippines – Police clashed briefly in the Philippine capital Tuesday with about 300 protesters opposed to a planned visit by President Barack Obama and the continued U.S. military presence in the country. Riot police across a road from the U.S. Embassy were pushed back by the demonstrators, prompting the police to retaliate with truncheons. The protesters allied with the May One Movement workers’ federation held a brief program of speeches denouncing U.S. imperialism in front of the seaside embassy before dispersing peacefully. No arrests were made and there were no serious injuries.


ODTÜ students stage protest ahead of highway opening in Ankara

A group of students from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) clashed with police ahead of the opening of a highway in Ankara on Tuesday. Police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse several hundred people gathered in front of the main gate of ODTÜ. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and several ministers attended the opening of the “1071 Malazgirt” boulevard on Tuesday. The Ankara Municipality hosted the opening ceremony of the boulevard that will connect the Eskişehir and Konya highways.

Students chanted slogans saying “government resign” and “thief Tayyip Erdoğan” within the campus, setting up a barricade on a road. Police intervention dispersed the crowd but the students reportedly gathered again in front of the rector’s building to continue their protests.

 Graffiti targeting the ‘1 percent’ spray-painted in Atherton neighborhood

Has Atherton — named the “most expensive ZIP code in America” by Forbes last year — become the latest battleground in class warfare? On Feb. 16, vandals spray-painted the message “F… the 1%” on perimeter walls, fences, garage doors, a gate and a car on at least nine properties in the town’s Lindenwood neighborhood, according to Atherton police Lt. Joe Wade. And on a street in front of one house was scrawled in black paint the words, “Kill People.”

As part of its investigation, the Atherton Police Department contacted other local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI, Wade said. “We send out notifications to anybody we think might have information,” Wade said. “They’re (vandals) talking about the 1 percent, that’s happening beyond our local reach. Sometimes the FBI will monitor protest groups and things of that nature.”


The repression of social protests and lack of protection for human rights activists has resulted in an increase in violence in Colombia, with 78 murders and 209 cases of threats in 2013, says the “Somos Defensores” Programme in two documents on the human rights situation in the country that is headed toward legislative and presidential elections in May. The study center, formed by various NGO’s, observes that the increase in the killings of rights activists comes as the government and guerrilla are attempting to reach a peace accord. A context, observes the center, that contrasts with the “police brutality and stigmatization of civil society leaders”.

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