Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Keskal Martyrs

Martyrdom : 10-03-2009

On March 10, 2009 an informer tipped off the police about the whereabouts of comrades Kamala and Parvati and they caught them. These unarmed women comrades were tortured and raped but they could not extract even one word from them. The cruel police cut off their hands and legs and finally killed them.


Comrade Punem Chanki (Kamala)

Chanki (30) was born in Eeral village of Gangalur area, West Bastar (Bijapur district). As she was born in a revolutionary movement area she was associated with the politics from childhood. Sangam activities started since 1987 in that village. Jan Jagran started in 1990. Some anti-social elements of Gangalur and Cherpal villages participated actively in it. Kamala participated actively in the attacks on them. Again in 1997, in the Bhairamgadh and Mirtul areas, Jan Jagran started under Mahendra Karma, the Congress leader. They attacked many villages. Under his leadership, goons attacked Mirtul, Timmam, Japrur, Dumri and Paralnar villages.

They beat the Sangam leaders and raped the Sangam women. They forcefully made them eat turmeric rice and take oath that they would not continue in the sangam. In retaliation to this terror, four thousand people attacked the leaders of Jan Jagran in Mirtul in July 1997. As the member of Gangalur KAMS range committe, Kamala led the women in this attack. She was in the forefront in punishing them. The Gangalur KAMS first conference was held in April 1997. In May 1997, 30 years of Naxalbari celebrations were held in Kolkata. DAKMS and KAMS activists attended the meeting in Kolkata. Kamala also attended this along with Karuna who was martyred in Daula raid.

With increased revolutionary consciousness, she opposed forced marriages. She worked in the village KAMS and organized women against age old traditions and patriarchy. She led the KAMS in fighting against regressive patriarchal ideas like ‘women should not sit on stools or comb their hairs in front of elders’. She not only organized militia but also gave it training. Gradually she developed to become KAMS range committee leader. She became a PR and joined the Bhairamgadh LOS in April 1998 and worked for some time in Madded too. She became the deputy of a SGS in South Bastar in 1999. Within a few days she was shifted to PL-6 in 2001. She worked with discipline and fulfilled all her responsibilities activity.

She took up responsibilities and jobs which were beyond age or experience. She fulfilled them with sincerity and tirelessly. Party had the confidence that if Kamala is given any task, it would be fulfilled well. She behaved responsibly with people. She was in the forefront in teaching them cleanliness, fulfilling their medical needs and in participating in production. She learnt to read and write in the party along with military skills. She participated in the Cherpal ambush and Takilod opportunity raid and ambushes and enthued the people of that area. She was shifted to North Bastar division in 2004. She took up the responsibility of LOS commander of Keskal. In 2007 September East Bastar was formed and Keskal area became part of it. She worked for KAMS as Keskal ACM. When she was in the village, an informer tipped off the police and they caught her along with another Com.Parvati on March 10, 2009. These unarmed women comrades were tortured and raped but they could not extract even one word from them. The cruel police cut off their hands and legs and killed them. The radio conveyed the concocted ‘encounter’ story as usual.

Comrade Telam Parvathi

The central and state governments had unleashed the fascist Salwa Judum to crush the revolutionary movement in DK from June 2005. It started in the village Kutru of Bhairamgad area in West Bastar. They attacked the people of Konapal in June 2005 but the people heroically resisted and chased the goons away. In that same period under the leadership of Salwa Judum goons Mahesh Gagda and Vikram Mandavi, Salwa Judum goons had attacked the villages Pollevaya, Pondum, Patrapara and Keshkutul with the support of Naga police. Many houses were burnt down, women were raped and innocent people were just gunned down in cold blood. It was white terror everywhere.

During this severe repression, the people of Pollevaya stood firmly with the revolutionary movement and fought back the Judum goons. DAKMS, KAMS, CNM and militia stood in the forefront inspiring the people. They told them not to surrender or join the rahath sibirs. It was due to the support provided by them that people could withstand this fascist attack. In this severe repression period, Com. Parvathi stood in the forefront as the Secretary of KAMS committee in the village. Parvathi was born in Pollevaya 21 years ago in Telami family. From her childhood she worked in Bal Sangam.

Then she worked in the KAMS and participated in many economic and political struggles. She worked for the increase in wages of tendu leaf labourers and against oppression, corruption of sarpanches and secretaries and against patriarchy on women. After Judum, the village life was torn apart; she rose to the occassion and inspired the youth to join PLGA. When she was working in the KAMS range committee, the Judum people had already conducted two meetings in her village and threatened the people not to support the party. Again Mahendra Karma was about to speak at a meeting. When she came to know that he was coming along with SPOs and goons, she and the other mass leaders told the people not to attend the meeting. So, many of them did not attend it. On that day Karma announced in the meeting that he would keep Parvathi as his keep. Actually he is paternal uncle of Parvathi as per relation. That means she is like a daughter to him by relation. Such is the callouness of Karma!

One day while she was bathing in a stream, police began surrounding her to catch her. Since she was a range committee member of KAMS and was working against Judum, her name became famous. She left all her clothes and everything there and began running away from them. They chased her and even fired at her. Two batches of them were chasing her. Finally she escaped. On that day too, they held a meeting and threatened her family members that they would kill them if she did not surrender. She wanted to end all this and dreamt of a society where poor adivasis like her could live peacefully. So she joined the Bhairamgadh squad in 2005 September. Later she participated in the raid on the Gangulur rahath sibir. On February 10, 2006, she participated in the raid on Bailadilla Hiroli ammunition depot.

After she joined the party, her family members were recruited into the SPOs. Such is the divide which the Judum is bringing in the families. They established a camp just five minutes away from her village and their atrocities increased even more. These are the circumstances which are moulding young women like Parvati into stauch revolutionaries. In March 2006, she was transferred to East Bastar. There she participated actively in all the military actions as a member of PL-17. She participated in the firing on police in Ara and Mulle villages. She was transferred to women work in 2007. From then on till her martyrdom, she worked hard to build up KAMS units in Barda area. While working there, she was caught along with Com. Kamala by the police and killed after severe tortures by them on 10-03-2009.

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