Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Somli


Martyrdom : 11-08-2009

At first Somli’s parents lived in Duggal village. Since they did not have any cultivable land there they migrated to Timmenar and settled there. Somli was born in this village. In 2003-04 Somli worked in Adivasi Bal Sangathan. She showed interest in joining the squad from her childhood. Whenever the squad came to her village she used to rush out to meet the guerillas. However far she may be she used to come running to the squad to shake hands with them and to wish them ‘Lal Salaam’. She used to think a lot about the problems faced by women in the society. She was in the forefront in conducting meetings by mobilizing women and imparted revolutionary politics through them.

The fascist Salwa Judum campaign was launched in 2005 but Somli stood firm and was not deterred by the brutal offensive. She joined the Jan Militia squad to fight back this campaign. While working in that squad she loved and married a person of her choice. Later the couple joined the PLGA as full regular soldiers. Somli was recruited into the Mirtul squad of Bhairamgad area of West Bastar division in 2006. Both of them became members in the Mirtul squad.

Seeing their work and experience, they were given the responsibility of Jan Militia of Matwada and sent there. She used to go the villages which the squad could not enter due to Judum repression and make them understand the situation and how to fight it back. She encouraged young women and men to join the PLGA and party. Keeping in view her progress in work, Somli was transferred to the supply team of Bhairamgad area.

She used to work without any hesitation even amidst the most difficult conditions. A smile always adorned her face whatever may be the work she was engaged in. She was a loving person and she bonded affectionately with the people. If she was not with the squad due to some work when they went to the villages, the people used to enquire after her. Such was her popularity. Somli participated in the Tarum incident.

She displayed her valiance in three-four firings with the police. Whenever she heard that the enemy forces were coming she used to say, “Let’s go and fire upon him”. In July 2009, the Divisional Committee gave a call to all party members to fight back the severe repression of the enemy forces. Somli responded to the call and was going on an important work in civil clothes when suddenly the enemy crossed her path and fired upon her.

Somli tried hard to run away but finally the goons in uniform caught up with her. She was tortured severely but they could not extract even a word about the party secrets from her. They gang raped her and threw her dead body into the river. Somli died at a young age for the New Democratic Revolution in India and all the people who had basked in her love and affection have vowed to carry on her lofty aims. After her martyrdom members of her family are not going back with fear and are joining the Jan Militia, KAMS and other organizations.

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