Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kumli


Martyrdom : 10-02-2010

As part of suppressing the Dandakaranya movement a multi- pronged attack was launched by the ruling classes. Many vigilante gangs were formed as part of it and a network of informers was spread in all the areas. Many lumpen elements were joined in these gangs and they are killing comrades and people, targeting women particularly and spreading terror. On February 10, 2010, Comrade Kumli, a professional revolutionary working in the agricultural department of Kuttul Janathana Sarkar was caught alone when she was working in a field in Dumnar by one of these killer gangs. They overpowered her and took her away.

They gang raped her and hacked her neck separating her head from the body and killed her. Their cruelty was such that they even cut her tongue and took it with them so that they can show it as an evidence of her murder to the police officials for the sake of rewards. They left her body in a naked state and ran away. When the villagers realized that Kumli had not returned from the field, they searched a lot for her and finally on 13 February they found her dead body in this appalling state. One of the main purposes of these gangs was to terrorize the people but the opposite happened. People’s fury knew no bounds when they saw this.

They brought her body to her village Pyveru and she was cremated with revolutionary honors. They vowed to avenge her death and carry on her aims. Within a few days one of the SPOs who had participated in this murder was caught and he spilled the beans as to who and all were involved. He was given death sentence in the people’s court. Comrade Kumli was born in Pyveru village of Kuttul in Maad division. The way she joined the revolutionary movement is in itself a fascinating story. She lost her mother when she was still a child and was brought up by her aunt. She caught typhoid and became very weak. On top of it, sores erupted all over her body. As there are no medical facilities in the poor adivasi villages she gradually became weak and was at death’s doorstep. Her family members thought that she was going to die and so they put her on a cot and left the cot on a heap of rubbish near the home. There is a superstition among the adivasis that she would recover if they do so. Just at that moment the guerilla squad entered the village and immediately started giving treatment to her.

She was saved and it was like a second birth for her. From then on she became active in the revolutionary activities going on in her village and in 2007 she became a professional revolutionary. For one year she worked in the Kuttul LGS and learnt to read and write with great interest. In 2008 she was transferred to the agricultural department of the Kuttul Janathana Sarkar (JS). She was very sharp and grasped any new methods of cultivation immediately. She showed great enthusiasm in teaching them to the peasants. She played an important role in introducing new crops like potatoes there. She even started an agricultural field in her village and dreamed of revolutionizing the cultivation processes. Thus she was part of revolutionizing the economy of the Maad people.

That is why she became a target for the ruling classes who want to destroy the alternative economy of the people. Kumli was always with a smile on her face and she had an immense service nature in her. She used to play with the tiny tots in the villages and helped their mothers in their work. As a victim of illness in her childhood she was very sensitive towards patients and whenever she found one in the villages she immediately urged them to take medicines from the medical department of the JS. She became the darling of the people.

Kumli was quite courageous too. She was fearless. Just two days before her death the SPO gang came to the residence place of the agriculture department at night and shouted to scare them. The next day when one of their team members went alone on some work they tried to attack him but he escaped. Even after hearing all this, she was not afraid and said, ‘If they try to attack us, let us counter their attack with our axes’. But the gang deceived her by calling her from a den where usually the squad stopped on their way. She must have probably thought that someone from the squad had come and was calling her. Kumli left an indelible mark on the people with her dedicated work. The people of Maad would never forget her urge to improve their lives.

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