Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kajal


Martyrdom : 07-07-2010

Comrade Kajal (Sarita Sundar Gota) was martyred on 7 July 2010 near Dongargaon in Kurkheda tehsil of Gadchiroli district. The notorious, cruel C-60 commandos of Maharashtra caught Kajal and brutally murdered her. The PLGA comrades had gone to Dongargaon to meet the people there. When they were returning the police got information from informers and the C-60 commandos surrounded the village. The police were nearly 200 in number and the number of PLGA guerillas was just five.

The police saw Kajal coming, surrounded her and fired. Kajal was injured and the police caught her alive. They tortured her cruelly questioning her about the whereabouts of the other PLGA guerillas. Failing to extract anything from her they pumped five bullets into her and killed her. The mercenary forces spanned the same encounter story. Kajal was just 17 years old when she died. She was an intelligent child. She had her primary schooling and after that she began participating in the programmes of the peasant, women and other mass organizations raising her voice against the exploitation and oppression of the ruling classes.

She was a member of the CNM and raised the consciousness of the people with her song and dance. Then she joined the militia and got military training. Her political views gradually matured and she chose to become a guerilla in the PLGA. She established herself as a guerilla and joined the platoon of the PLGA. Kajal took part in many harassing actions on the police in Gyarapatti. She played an important role in supplying materials to PLGA in Savargaon and Bhimankojji areas. The PLGA had annihilated 15 Maharashtra policemen at Markagaon as they had been very cruelly harassing the people since many years. Kajal’s role in that action was very important.

She also participated in the action when 16 tons of explosives were seized. Kajal was always smiling and mingled very well with everybody. She won the hearts of the people and her fellow guerillas with her sweet behaviour and her cultural skills. This poor peasant girl had alone faced the hundreds of cruel C-60 police and did not reveal anything in spite of severe torture. Kajal dreamed of a society free of any exploitation and oppression and it is our duty to fulfill her dreams. Her determination and courage would always be inspiring us in achieving her goals.

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