Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Lalitha Mandaavi (Chaithe)


Martyrdom : 17-08-2010

On 17 August 2010 a killer gang formed by the police to target the Maoists in Maad caught Comrade Chaithe alone when she went to bathe, gang raped her and killed her by hacking her neck. They threw her half-naked body under a rock and ran away. This was done as part of OGH and was the second incident done in this manner after the killing of Kumli on 10-02-2010 in Maad. Five of the murderers were caught and brought to book in a people’s court within a week. Hundreds of people participated in the funeral procession of Chaithe and also in the people’s court and paid rich tributes to their beloved comrade.

They vowed to decimate all such killer gangs which are prowling in Maad. Chaithe (30) was born in a poor family belonging to the non-adivasi Kalaar community in Enhur village in Badgaon area of North Bastar. The name her parents gave was Lalitha Mandaavi. She lived with her mother and younger brother. Enhur is one of the centers for revolutionary activities in Parthapur area. Revolutionary mass organizations were very active in the village. They had a revolutionary impact on Lalitha. She worked for some time in KAMS and joined the PLGA as a full timer in 1999. The party allotted her to a woman squad for organizing women in the area. This squad particularly organized women into KAMS. She was known as Jyoti then. Lalita spoke less and was much disciplined even from her initial days. She won recognition for her work among the people, especially among women of the area. She was given party membership. Seeing her hard- working nature and commitment the party transferred her to the DK press unit.

From then on Chaithe became an inseparable part of that unit. In the press she learnt many technical jobs related to printing and did all the manual jobs related to it. Her contribution in carrying heavy luggage, maintaining the various types of printing material and in transporting the printed material is praiseworthy. Sometimes they had to wake up the whole night to print urgent matters. Chaithe effortlessly fulfilled such heavy responsibilities. In 2007, seeing her political commitment and her contribution Chaithe was promoted to the party committee of the press unit at AC level. She learnt to read and write after joining the party.

She frankly expressed her opinions in her unit and helped to improve its work and develop the unit. She fell in love with a comrade in the unit and married him in 2005. This couple had worked very hard in advancing the work of the unit. Chaithe was very frail and sometimes she became a patient. But she always fulfilled her duties with determination. Meanwhile the police had raided her home and her village and many activists and leaders were arrested. Her brother was also booked under false cases and he had to spend more than a year in jail. All this agonized Chaithe. She used to worry about her old mother as he was her only support.

But Chaithe never let her personal worries dominate her mind. In 2008 she could finally meet her mother and brother. She gave them lot of moral support and explained to them how to face this severe repression. The enemy has targeted all kinds of party units in Maad and DK press has been on their hit list all along. They know the importance of revolutionary propaganda in a revolutionary movement and wanted to destroy this. Chaithe’s gruesome murder was part of this conspiracy. Another reason was because women have been joining the party in large numbers in Maad and in every kind of work one can see a majority of women leading them.

They wanted to stop all this by resorting such ghastly killings. With the sweat of comrade Chaithe and her colleagues, millions of white papers had turned into revolutionary propaganda material, hundreds of magazines and other important books and booklets educating the people in Maoism. Chaithe contributed a lot in printing the magazine which is but an organizer of the party as Lenin had described it. Chaithe is the first martyr of the press unit in DK since its inception 15 years back. The people loved her wherever she went as part of her work. People will forever remember their beloved daughter who spoke less but worked hard always with a smile on her face.

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