World Popular Resistance Clippings 13/2/2014

Both Maoist factions call for left unity on ‘People’s War Day’

..The CPN-Maoist has also urged for the unification of all genuine revolutionary communist parties to fight for nationality, people´s right and livelihood. “At this critical situation all genuine revolutionary communist parties must unite,” reads the statement issued by the party. Claiming that the Constituent Assembly cannot promulgate a new constitution in favor of the people, the CPN-Maoist release signed by Chairman Mohan Baidya and General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa, has expressed commitment for socialism and communism through “people´s revolution”…

Maoist cadres arrested for kidnapping school promoter

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: Police have arrested two cadres of the CPN-Maoist in the capital on the charge of kidnapping a school promoter for ransom, posing as members of a little-known Nepal Marxist Republican Youth Tiger. A special squad of the Nepal Police deployed from Metropolitan Police Range Office, Hanumandhoka, arrested Man Bahadur Bista and Prabin Bogati from Chabahil area on Tuesday. Bogati is identified as the in-charge of constituency number 4 of the party.


Police use tear gas against hydro plant demo as minister expresses dismay at protesters

Police used tear gas against a group of environmental activists protesting against the opening ceremony of a dam and hydroelectric power plant (HES) fair in Istanbul on Feb. 13, as Forestry and Waterworks Minister Veysel Eroğlu rebuked the protesters as ‘impossible to understand.” Protesters had earlier condemned the government’s bid to build hydroelectric plants across Turkey, denouncing the environmental costs of the dams constructed in waterways and rivers in green valleys. But a police officer sprayed tear gas at the protesters as they tried to enter the congress building, to which some protesters responded by throwing stones and plastic bottles.



Dozens hurt in Brazilian peasants protest

Police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at about 16,000 landless farmers marching for land reform in clashes that left 42 people hurt. Wednesday’s march in the capital Brazilia was the latest in a series of protests rocking the nation, raising security concerns just four months before Brazil hosts football’s World Cup. After a peaceful beginning, protesters clashed with police as they neared the presidential palace and began to dismantle barricades.

Protesters willing to die for their causes

Johannesburg – Service delivery protests are on the rise – and sending in the police or making empty promises are only making it worse. Studies by the University of Johannesburg’s Social Change Research Unit show there have been 2 020 of these protests between 2011 and November last year, and that the trend has been rising from as early as 2004.

And rising with the protests are the number of protesters killed by the police. In the past 10 years, 43 protesters died because of police action. Seven of those deaths happened just last month: four protesters were killed in Mothutlung in Brits, North West, two in Relela Village in Tzaneen, Limpopo, and one in Roodepoort. The University of Johannesburg team looked specifically at community protests – not political protests like Wednesday’s DA march or labour strikes like at Marikana – and based their quantitative data on a variety of media sources.

Judge seeks extradition of French guerrilla for role in iconic murder

A Chilean judge has called for the extradition of former leftist guerrilla Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven, aka “Comandante Ana”, over her suspected role in planning the 1991 assassination of Sen. Jaime Guzmán, a prominent figure in Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s regime. On Jan. 27 Verhoeven was detained in Germany and now Chile hopes to bring her to trial on the decades-old charges. Judge Mario Carroza, who presides over Santiago’s Court of Appeals, has authored the extradition request and submitted it Tuesday to Chile’s Supreme Court for approval. It is believed Verhoeven was at one point a leader within the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), an armed leftist guerrilla group that sought to overthrow Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship.

The FPMR first gained notoriety in 1986 when guerillas attempted to assassinate Pinochet, narrowly failing to kill the general but leaving five of his bodyguards dead in the process. Chilean authorities have implicated Verhoeven in the planning of Sen. Jaime Guzmán’s assassination in 1991 shortly after Chile’s return to democracy. A prominent member of Pinochet’s inner circle, Guzmán was the founder of the right-wing Independent Democratic Union (UDI) party and co-author of the controversial 1980 constitution. Guzmán was shot on April 1, 1991 as he left Universidad Católica where he was a professor of constitutional law.

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