Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Mynabai Naitham


Martyrdom : 23-05-2008

On May 22nd, 2008 Gadchiroli commandos (nearly 500 in number) attacked Kosmi village in Tippagadh area. 58 innocent adivasi men and women were beaten ruthlessly by them. At that time, Mynabai was in somebody else’s house. They dragged 52 year old Mynabai out of that house and tortured her by beating her black and blue with lathis, butts and fists and had even gang raped her. She was taken to Gyarapatti camp and was killed in lock up after torturing her brutally. They concocted a story that she became ill in custody and died while taking her to the hospital. Dr. Ranvir of Dhanora PHC also reported the lie of the police that she died of heart attack.

But the people of Kosmi know the truth which unfolded before their eyes. The Gyarapatti policemen who killed beloved leader of the people – Mynabai, had died in the Markanar ambush conducted by the PLGA. Thus PLGA avenged her death. Mynabai was born in Kosmi in a Koreti family. She had two brothers and six sisters. She was the second child. After marriage her husband came and stayed with her. They ploughed 3 acres of land and eked out a living. She was a rebel from the start. She was conscious of the women’s rights and priveliges. She worked as a panchayat member for 10 years. Simultaneously she worked as a school samiti member for 5 years.

She became a member of the women’s organization to improve the conditions of women. As Shiv Sena was working militantly, she first joined it. But soon she was disillusioned as it worked against people’s interests. By that time, party entered the area. At first, she was afraid of naxalites due to false propaganda by the enemy. Gradually she became close to the party. She felt she found the right path. From then on, she never turned back. She became a PM in 1996 and the GPC secretary in 2007. She became RPC president too. Her whole family was involved in revolutionary activities. Her husband was Tippagadh ACM.

Their son was a member of people’s militia. She had four children. Her whole life was one of resistance. She stood steadfast till the end. She led the procession in Gyarapatti against repression in February 2003. Out of the 3000 persons who attended the rally, 1000 were women organized by her. She led 10,000 people against repression in Manpur in March 2003. She led a 7 km rally against fake independence in August 2003.

She led active struggles against liquor. She led many massive rallies in Kosmi, Sawargaon, Teregaon and Gyarapatti. She was a terror to the local bad gentry. She led the massive famine rally in Dhanora tehsil in 2004. On the occassion of party formation day in 2004, she conducted rallies in many villages and propagated party politics on a large scale. She began working secretly as president of Janathana Circar at panchayat level. The TP people are hailing her immortal services for the people and the revolution. Let us carry forward her lofty aims and emulate her in standing firmly for the revolution.

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