Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Kanchal Martyrs

Martyrdom : 18-03-2008

Comrade Madkam Budri

Madkam Budri (23) was born in a middle class adivasi family in the village Gamapada located in the Pamed area of South Bastar division. Com. Budri was the commander of CNM in the village. She was always in the forefront in the propaganda campaigns propagating the calls of the party. She fulfilled the responsibility of cultural programmes in many meetings. Later she expressed the desire to join the squad and she was recruited into the LGS on September 5, 2005.

She learnt military discipline and rules while working with the squad. She earnestly tried to learn to read and write. She never hesitated to clear her doubts by discussing with comrades. She used to participate in political discussions to increase her political consciousness. She was shifted to PL-9 in 2006 and she was given party membership in March 2006. She was given the responsibility of teacher in the PL. She fulfilled this responsibility with enthusiasm. She participated in the raid on the Basaguda sibir on March 6, 2006. On March 18, they had an encounter with the grey hounds and Budri died in that attack.Her body was found near Palagudem. Pamed comrades bid her farewell along with her family members and paid red homage to her. She was cremated with revolutionary honours and people took oath to carry on her lofty aims.

Comrade Ravva Sanni

Com. Sanni (23) was born in the village Errapad of Pamed area of Bijapur district. She was a member of the Bal Sangam at first and later for two years she worked as the deputy of the Jan militia. She always kept her militia members alert and ready to defend the property and lives of the people and prepared them for the battles with the enemy. She was always in the forefront in the attacks on the enemy and served as a model to the members.

She participated in the household chores too. Sanni’s parents had put lot of pressure on her to marry. She explained to her parents that she had chosen the revolutionary path and that she would not marry. She joined the Pamed squad in March 2007. Within ten months she was shifted to PL-9. She learnt to read and write and learnt military discipline too in the squad. She was martyred on March 18 in an encounter with the grey hounds. Sanni went on firing till her last breath. She was a member of the A section in the ambush party. She fought bravely along with her comrades and was martyred there. The whole party is proud of such brave comrades. Red salutes to Com. Budri.



Comrade Punem Jogi

Jogi was born in Gundam village located in Bhopalpatnam tehsil of Bijapur district in the Punem family. She was just 17 years old. Her father Punem Sannu was the local leader of the peasant association. Inspired by her father’s work for the people she also began participating in revolutionary activities actively. She joined the Jan militia and learnt to do sentry duty, patrolling and to resist the enemy. She fulfilled her responsibilities cleverly. Seeing this ability, the AC decided to transfer her to PL-9. Jogi was martyred at a very young age but she dreamt big. Every soldier should learn from Com.Jogi.

Comrade Madkam Bayi

Com. Bayi was born in Rayagudem village located in Jagargonda area of Konta tehsil. 21 years old Com. Bayi lived with her parents, a younger sister and three brothers. Her family was very poor. She grew up in a revolutionary atmosphere. She always wanted to grow up fast so that she could join the people’s army. So she was very happy the day she got recruited. Her older brother also got recruited but he did not continue and returned home.

But Bayi opposed her brother’s decision to go back and stood firmly with the people. She was shifted to PL-9 in October 2006. She developed her political and military abilities in the PL. She died on March 18, 2008 at Kanchal while heroically fighting the enemy.


Comrade Kovasi Vimala

Com. Vimala (21) was born in Jangla village of Bhamragadh tehsil of Bijapur district in West Bastar division. Her mother died due to illness when she was very young. She joined the Bal Sangathan. She was still a child when the government launched the Jan Jagran Abhiyan on a large scale. Villages were burnt down and people were forcefully evacuated to the sibirs. All the youngsters of the village joined the Jan militia for the defence of their villages. Vimala was one among them. She was shifted to Pamed squad of South Bastar division from West Bastar in 2006. She became a party member in 2007. She learnt to read and write in the party.

She was a disciplined comrade and followed all rules earnestly. She went to meet her parents with the permission of the party and while returning she was caught in the Kanchal encounter. She was in the village at that time and was caught by the grey hounds. The unarmed Vimala was caught and killed in cold blood. The brave Vimala will always live in the hearts of the people.

Old mother Avalam Lakshmi

Old mother Avalam Lakshmi was living with her four sons and two daughters in the Palagudem village. It was a middle peasant family. Whenever the squads visited her village she looked after the comrades like her own sons and daughters.On the day of the Kanchal encounter, she was roaming in the forests to gather grass.

When she heard the sounds of the bullets she was afraid. When the police noticed her they immediately killed her without any trace of humanity. Not stopping at that they damaged her face and filled her body in a sack so that nobody would recognize her. The people would never forgive the greyhounds who were responsible for her death and would avenge it.

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