Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Veko Santhi


Martyrdom : 18-02-2008

Santhi was born in Kesmondi village in a middle class family which is four km away from Bhairamgadh block in Bijapur district. She was the second child and had three sisters and a brother. Her mother died due to illness while she was still a child. She was brought up by her father. At the age of 16, she worked as KAMS member and filled both household responsibilities and that of the organization. She was in the forefront in struggles opposing political, social and cultural oppression on women and in the propaganda campaigns. After the state sponsored SJ was launched, like many young men and women of her generation, Santhi also joined the militia to protect their property, villages and their people.

She worked for one year in the Jan militia. Later she was transferred to Company-2 in 2007. She learnt military skills and also to read and write. She became a party member. She fulfilled her responsibilities with discipline. She was in the forefront in carrying weights. The police, SPOs and goons came to know that Santhi had joined the party. So they caught her father and beat him black and blue asking about her whereabouts and forcing him to make her surrender. They broke his hand and dragged him to the Bhairamgadh sibir. He stayed there for some days and after assuring them that he would bring back his daughter for surrendering, came back to the village.

But the father thought there was nothing wrong in what his daughter was doing. The SJ goons had destroyed our lives, ‘I’ll never hand over my daughter to the goons in the sibir’ thought he. He decided that it is better for his daughter and other young men and women to fight for justice, for people. Though the sibir goons and SPOs are harassing him a lot, this old man is still somehow eking out a living in the village. On the other hand, the attacks of SJ goons on the people continued.

The people, PLGA were resisting them by giving blow over blow to them. As part of it on February 18, 2008, on getting information that CRPF, SPO goons were coming to attack the villages PLGA forces engaged themselves for ambush at Tadkel. Though Santhi did not have a weapon, she followed her commander’s caution to advance without any hesitation as part of the advance batch. Six CRPF Jawans were killed in this ambush and their weapons were seized. The remaining police were firing rapidly. But Santhi advanced amidst bullets (though unarmed) to seize weapons from the enemy. She died in that attempt. At the young age of 18, Santhi died in people’s war for the liberation of the people. Her martyrdom is immortal.

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