World Popular Resistance Clippings 7/2/2014






Mass protest in Bosnia

(Reuters) – Protesters set fire to a government building and clashed with riot police in Bosnia on Friday in a third day of unrest over high unemployment and two decades of political inertia since the country’s 1992-95 war. Demonstrators smashed windows and set fire to the offices of the local government in the northern town of Tuzla, while in the capital, Sarajevo, police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse a crowd of several thousand.

More than 30 people were injured after police used tear gas and clashed with Bosnian demonstrators angry over the dire economic situation in a country where unemployment tops more than 44 percent, officials said. In total, 32 people were hurt, including two policeman who were seriously injured during scuffles in the northeastern town of Tuzla, once one of the main industrial hubs in the former Yugoslav republic.

Thousands of demonstrators had gathered — more than 2,000 according to police, while local media said there were 6,000 — for a second day of protest against Bosnia’s economic woes. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowds as demonstrators tried to break into regional government offices in Tuzla and threw stones. Tuzla police spokesman Izudin Saric told AFP that “26 policeman, two of them seriously, and six protestors were injured”.


CPN-Maoist to struggle for ‘people’s govt’

KATHMANDU, Feb 6. : The agitating CPN-Maoist has formed United People´s Committee (UPC) aiming to launch a struggle for the establishment of “peoples´ government”. UPC will launch protests for people´s constitution and nationalism after mid-March. A meeting of sister wings held at the party headquarters in Buddhanagar on Thursday appointed party secretary Dev Gurung as the coordinator of the committee.

The committee comprises nearly 150 members comprising head of the party´s sister wings, party politburo member and head of ethnic, gender and other fronts of the party. “The long-term vision of the committee is to establish peoples´ government,” said a leader participating in the meeting. The party during the insurgency had run a parallel government. Party leaders said that they will not revive the same structure but that their aim would remain very much the same. “The committee will prepare a protest program for people´s constitution and anti-nationalist agreements on resources,” Gurung told with Republica.

CPN-Maoist would make public its protest programs on March 1, according to its leaders. The party will soon call a central committee meeting to finalize the protest program and the date for the party´s national convention. The party has also decided to celebrate “people´s war” day on February 13. The party would announce its protest programs at the people´s war celebrations.

Brazil: Rio protest over transport fare rise ends in violence

Hundreds of people in Brazil have clashed with police during a protest against increased fares for public transport. Commuters were caught up in the violence at Rio de Janeiro’s Central Station during rush hour. Riot police fired tear gas and tried to disperse the crowd, while activists hurled stones and petrol bombs. A cameraman is in a serious condition in hospital after suffering a head injury.

South Africa: Getting to the Bottom of What Really Drives Public Violence in South Africa

…According to the SAPS Incident Registration Information System (IRIS), police officers were deployed to monitor a total of 12 399 crowd-related events (34 incidents a day, on average) between April 2012 and March 2013. Most of these were public gatherings that had been given permission in terms of the Regulation of Gatherings Act 205 of 1993. However, as many 1882 (15%) of these gatherings turned violent, resulting in 3 680 arrests.

This means that an average of five violent public incidents took place each day in that year. This represents a 54% increase from the previous year when 1226 incidents were recorded. Unfortunately, these figures are almost a year old and only the police know whether the number of incidents has increased since April last year….

Niger: Hundreds protest French nuclear giant

NIAMEY, Niger (AP) Hundreds of people protested against what they termed slow and opaque contract negotiations between Niger’s government and the French nuclear giant Areva, which operates a uranium mine in the town of Arlit. Thursday’s march in Niger’s capital, Niamey, was organized by groups accusing Areva of exploiting Niger since it began operations in 1971, leaving the country in poverty even though it is the world’s fourth-largest uranium producer.

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