Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Sabari Martyrs


Martyrdom : 21-12-2007

Comrade Madkam Pojji (Jamuna)

On December 21, 2007, Sabari squad members Jamuna and Sangitha were martyred in an encounter with the Grey hounds at Tiger Camp of East Godavari district. This falls under the Sabari area in Khammam division of North Telangana. Com. Pojji was born in Chinna Kedwal village of South Bastar division in DK. She was born in a poor adivasi family. She came into contact with the party at a very young age. She later worked actively in the women’s organization. She lost her mother while she was still a child and her brothers had married and separated from the family. So Pojji had to take up the responsibility of maintaining the family.

She used to sell toddy in the weekly markets and maintained her family. She fulfilled her revolutionary activities very actively and in a responsible manner. She always gave more importance to collective works than her personal works. She competed with the men in working actively in the fields or in building lakes. She developed herself in this process and became a PR at the young age of 16. She started life as a guerilla in 2004. She worked for some months in the Kistaram squad in South Bastar. Later when she was transferred to Khammam, she did not hesitate to go to a new area where she did not know the people, the culture or the language.

In the same year that she was recruited, she went to work in Khammam district Sabari area and worked there in the name of Jamuna. She worked there till her last breath, Jamuna was very active in doing collective works in the squad and was a responsible comrade. Within one year, she learnt to read and write and talk Telugu which was a new language to her. This is not possible without good determination. The amazing thing is she began teaching Telugu to other squad members too. She learnt to give injections and medicines and took up the responsibility of a doctor too. Jamuna was a bubbly person and mingled immediately among the people. People, who met Jamuna once, could never forget her.

They used to share their personal problems with her. She tried to mobilize people into sangams by teaching them the politics she knew. She was very affectionate with the people and at the same time displayed severe class hatred towards the enemies. She used to give more importance to learn military skills as she thought it was necessary if she had to defeat the enemies of the people. Though she had leg pain, she went each and every day to learn military skills in the military camp held in 2007.

She practiced all those items in her daily squad life. Jamuna was given party membership in 2006. It is a great loss to the Khammam movement to have lost a comrade like Jamuna, who was active in organizational, military and political matters. She had the potential to develop into a great leader.


Comrade Kalma Bandi (Sangitha)

Com. Bandi (18) was born in the Allivagu village of Chintur mandal in Khammam district. She could not go to school due to poverty. As her village is situated in the movement area, she used to enthusiastically meet the squad whenever it visited her village. She participated in all the collective works of the squad as long as it stayed with them. After Bandi grew up, she joined the women’s organization in 2004 and worked actively in it.

She developed her understanding about party politics and decided to become a PR. She joined the movement as a PR in 2007. She worked as Sangita in the Sabari squad. She used to do all her works in collective with enthusiasm. She showed interest in doing PT and drill. Within one year of her joining the squad, she was martyred on December 21, 2007 near Tiger Camp. The revolutionary movement had lost a reliable activist in her martyrdom.

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