World Popular Resistance Clippings 6/2/2014


Unification with UCPN (Maoist) rumor, says Gajurel

BHAKTAPUR, Feb 6: CPN-Maoist Vice Chairman CP Gajurel said there is no possibility of unification with the UCPN (Maoist). Speaking at an interaction in Bhaktapur on Thursday, Gajurel ruled out the possibility of his party’s unification with the UCPN (Maoist), dubbing it as rumor. He, however, revealed that discussion for unification with the CPN-United is underway. He said that there is no possibility of unification until UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and leader Baburam Bhattarai realize their mistakes.

Jhapa becoming hideout for Indian militant

KAKADVITTA (JHAPA), FEB 07 – Jhapa has become a haven for members of various Indian underground armed outfits and criminal groups, police here said. On January 26, Indian police in civvies arrested three senior militant leaders of Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) near Kakadvitta in Jhapa. KLO has been waging an armed struggle for a separate state comprising of the districts in West Bengal and Assam states in India.

The arrested trio–Tarun Thapa, Pratip Raya and Ramshankar Prasad–was wanted by the Indian police for their alleged involvement in a bomb explosion at Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal on December 26, 2013. The Indian police had also arrrested two senior leaders of People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak from Kakadvitta last year. It is said members of Indian underground armed outfits active in the Indain states of West Bengal, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland are hiding in Jhapa’s Kakadvitta, Bahundangi, Bhadrapur and Jyamire.

Sources said the Indian authorities have moblisied plain-clothes police officers in Jhapa to arrest the leaders and members of such groups. Meanwhile, Nepali authorities have said the Indian police are entering Nepal without permission


Rioters set South African townships ablaze near Pretoria

South African police fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets Thursday to disperse thousands of rioters demanding basic government services in communities near Pretoria and Johannesburg. Security forces were deployed to several flashpoints in Gauteng province as protesters blocked streets and set ablaze police stations and other municipal buildings as well as tyres. In Bronkhorstspruit, near Pretoria, a crowd of about 4,000 residents went on the rampage, intensifying unrest that has gripped the area for nearly a week.

Around 50 residents were detained after a local clinic and several buildings were set alight. Residents are protesting against high electricity tariffs and intermittent power supply. Police threw up their own barricades to contain the violence. “Some people tried to push through the barricade and we had to fire stun grenades,” said police spokesman Johannes Japhta. “The situation is tense but our members are prepared to deal with the violence,” he said.

Several armoured police vehicles, some fixed with water cannon, patrolled the township, preventing people from exiting the area. Violent protests have sprung up across the country since the beginning of the year, with most focusing on a lack of government services. In some cases police have retaliated with live fire, with unconfirmed reports that at least nine people have been killed.


Yemen protest seeks end to ‘corrupt’ gas deals with foreign firms

Several hundred protesting Yemeni youths demanded Thursday that the government scrap “corrupt” gas deals with foreign firms, including France’s Total, which they claim are at vastly lower rates than market prices. “Total out! Our gas is ours,” chanted the demonstrators, who had gathered outside the Sanaa residence of President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi. “From the north to the south of the country, we will recover our stolen gas,” they also chanted.

They demanded that Hadi annul agreements signed in 2005 under former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, which they claim were “overshadowed” by bribery and unreasonable commissions. Total, South Korea’s Korea Gas Gorp and France’s GDF Suez 20-year deals to export liquefied natural gas. Total holds a 39.6 percent equity stake in Yemen LNG, which was formed in 2005 and began exporting four years later.


Indigenous community march to mark protest deaths

MEMBERS of the Ngäbe Buglé community on Wednesday February 5 marked the two-year anniversary of the deaths of Jerónimo Rodríguez Tugrí and Mauricio Ménde,. who died in confrontations with riot police on February 5 2012 in San Félix. The riots were over mining reforms passed by the government. Rogelio Montezuma, president of the Ngäbe Buglé Coordinating Committee, said he was disappointed by the way the government has investigated the deaths because the killers remain free.

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