Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Nayagadh Martys


Comrade Modiyam Manglo (Kamala)

Martyrdom : 18-12-2007

On December18, 2007 an encounter took place at Nirpalu village near Gudari of Basadhara area of Odisha state and a section commander of PLGA Com. Kamala died here. As a member of the main force of the PLGA, she had gone to Odisha on military work in 2006. She was 24 years old. She was born in the village Dunga in Indravathi area of Maad division. This village falls under the Orcha block of Narayanpur District. She belonged to a middle peasant adivasi family. She was called Modiyam Manglo at home. She studied upto 8th standard in the school in her village.

Feudal lord Mahendra Karma’s brother and local bad gentry Podiya Patel held sway in the Indravathi area. His family exploited the people of nearby villagers a lot. The women were shackled with tribal patriarchy. The revolutionary activities started in Indravathi area in 1998. Within a year or two, the feudal authority of Podiya Patel was overthrown and people began efforts to build their own power structures. Revolutionary mass organizations were built up in each village. People’s struggles erupted all over the area. Kamala was very much influenced by all these activities. By 1999, KAMS unit was built up in Dunga and Kamala became its member. Within a short time she was elected as its vice president as she was quite active in the organization.

Gradually she began to understand about oppression, exploitation and patriarchy and realized the need for armed struggle to eradicate their root. She realized that women can’t be liberated without revolution and dedicated her life for the same. She became a PR in June 2000. She became a LOS member and integrated with the people. She organized people against exploitation and oppression. She learnt how to solve the contradictions among the people. She became a party member in June 2001. According to revolution’s needs she was to be transferred to the medical team in March 2002. But she opposed it. But later she read a story about a Chinese woman comrade during the days of the Long March. It depicted the inner struggle of that comrade regarding her work.

From that story Kamala understood that every person can have many kinds of aims in her/his life but the aim of a revolutionary can only be making revolution. That is, one has to do one’s job for the revolution whole heartedly, whatever that work may be. She felt she was mistaken in opposing the party’s resolution as she applied the moral of the story to herself. She wrote a self-critical letter to the party and sincerely joined the medical team. She began learning medical skills while serving the sick people and guerillas with dedication. To solve the problems inside the unit she undertook struggle and unity and criticism, self-criticism in a proper manner. She played an active role in solving those problems.

In 2004 Kamala was transferred to PL-6. She became the teacher and doctor of this PL. Whichever work was allotted to her, she fulfilled it with responsibility. She adapted herself to the conditions as they changed. This was her greatest merit. She used to read a lot, analyzed what she read and thought how to apply it in practice. Seeing her work style in PL- 6, one senior comrade of the party had commented, ‘’ Kamala is such an intelligent comrade that once you give her any work, she would do it in the most proper way. This means once you give her some responsibility you can rest assured’’. The Salwa Judum fascist attack started in June 2005. By November, it had spread from the National Park to Indravathi area.

On 29th November, Naga police and Salwa Judum goons had attacked her village and Vedama village and burnt them down. Kamala’s house was one among those. Com. Kamala tried to give moral support to her parents and relatives with communist determination. She took part bravely in the TCOC campaign from January to June 2006 to defeat the Salwa Judum. She used to be in the forefront in punishing the Salwa Judum goons and attacking the enemy. She stood steadfast and displayed military prowess in many encounters with the enemy. It was decided to send her to Odisha border area in January 2007. She was very happy. New state, new language, unknown people and different culture – nothing could deter her. She always moved ahead with enthusiasm.

The last letter she had written to her friends and women colleagues stands testimony to her complete belief in the victory of the revolution and her reliance on masses. Our Kamala has left an indelible print on her comrades and people with her friendly nature, service, study, modesty and ferociousness while fighting the enemy. She was both a militant commander and a friendly doctor during battles. PLGA has lost an intelligent military commander and an uncomplaining doctor.


Comrade Tellam Kamala (Rambatti)

Martyrdom : 16-02-2008

Rambatti was born in Toyanar (Mormelpara) in a middle class adivasi family of West Bastar. Her father was the sarpanch of the village. At first, this village was away from revolutionary activities. She came into contact with the party and was recruited into PLGA. She worked in Mirtul LOS for one year. When she was transferred to PL-6, she accepted the proposal happily. In her five years of revolutionary life, she never looked back and did not even meet her family.

After the launch of fascist SJ in 2005, like hundreds of other families, Rambatti’s family was also shattered. Her own brother Ramesh joined SJ and became an enemy of the people. He became synonymous with atrocities and terror in the nearby villages. The party decided to annihilate him. This was a crucial test for Rambatti. But she steadfastly upheld the principle that ‘class relation is higher than blood relation’ and supported the decision of the party without any hesitation. She participated actively in the TCOC of the party directed to defeat the SJ. As part of the main forces Rambatti was sent to Odisha state and finally she was martyred there.

She endeared herself to the people of Motu and Kalimela. Due to her militancy, discipline and leadership qualities she became a PPC member. On December 18, 2007 near Gudari the Andhra grey hounds had attacked the guerilla camp which was set up for the preparations of Nayagadh attack. Com. Kamala was martyred in that attack, Com. Rambatti showed enormous courage and just from a distance of 20 metres went near Kamala and got hold of her SLR.

She participated in the historic Nayagadh raid and also in the heroic battle at Gosama on 16 February, 2008. She fought like a lioness in that battle and with all her being ensured the success in that battle. It was in that battle that she was martyred along with Com. Iqbal. Whenever the PLGA warriors look at the weapons seized in Nayagadh on their shoulders, they remember the martyrdom of Rambatti and Iqbal.

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