World Popular Resistance Clippings 2/2/2014


Greek riot police clash with anti-fascists

Riot police and anti-fascist protesters in Greece have clashed in central Athens, leaving at least two people injured. Police said more than 3,000 supporters of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party held a rally on Saturday to commemorate a 1996 dispute over an uninhabited Aegean Sea island that brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war. Saturday’s rally was largely peaceful, but violent clashes were triggered by the counter-demonstration, staged by leftist groups protesting against the Golden Dawn rally.

Indonesian security forces have shot dead a separatist rebel in the restive eastern province of Papua, police said on Sunday

JAKARTA: Indonesian security forces have shot dead a separatist rebel in the restive eastern province of Papua, police said on Sunday. Acting on a tip-off, police and the military raided a gathering of members of the rebel Free Papua Movement (OPM) near a beach in the Yapen Waropen district on Saturday, Papua police spokesman Pudjo Sulistyo told AFP. “They were involved in shooting incidents against police before and had caused unrest in the area,” he said.

“We told them to surrender but they retaliated by shooting at us first. A firefight took place and we shot one of them dead,” he added. Eleven members were arrested and firearms were seized along with outlawed pro-independence Morning Star flags. Three security officers were wounded in the gunbattle, Sulistyo said.

28 mine laborers detained in Iran as they protested at working situation

Twenty eight mine laborers in Iran’s Chadormalu mine have been detained in Iran during the past three days, ILNA reported on February 2. Iranian MP Mohammad Saleh Jokar has criticized provincial and judicial officials of Yazd province for the detainment, saying that the reason behind the measure is unknown for the MPs. Dealing with the crisis in Chadormalu mine without hearing voices of protesting laborers is unacceptable, Jokar said.

On November 27, 2013, 800 laborers at the Chadormalu mine stopped working and held a one-hour sit-in in protest at what they called “unfair wages” and the sacking of Bahram Hassaninejad, the secretary of the laborers association of the mine. Following to that, some 2,000 laborers at the mine stopped working on December 6-8 in protest to the situation of Hassaninejad.

Baluch Women Protest After Mass Grave Unearthed

QUETTA, Pakistan — A group of ethnic Baluch women have staged a rally in the city of Quetta, in southwest Pakistan, to protest a recently discovered mass grave in the nearby Khuzdar district. The protesters say the bodies found in the mass grave are of ethnic Baluch men, allegedly abducted by state intelligence services.

Turkey police, Kurdish protesters clash in Cizre

Turkish police and Kurdish protesters have clashed during the funeral of a Kurdistan Workers’ Party member in the southeastern province of Sirnak. Police used water cannons and smoke grenades to disperse the angry crowd in the city of Cizre on Saturday night. Protesters also threw petrol bombs and fireworks at armored police vehicle.

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