Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Kodmal Martyrs


Martyrdom : 06-02-2007

Comrade Madvi Lachakka (Syamala)

Com. Syamala was born in Nimmalaguda village (Konta tehsil, Dantewada district, South Bastar) 34 years back. She was known as Lachi at home. She had two brothers. She had one sister but she died. In 1993 the people of her village attacked the house of landlord in Satyanarayanpur of Andhra Pradesh. The starved people seized rice, vessels and other belongings in his godowns. Eight people including the father of Syamala were arrested and later they were released on bail. But police atrocities on Nimmalaguda village increased after this. Her father was so humiliated with these attacks and jail life that he just hanged himself when the police attacked his village.

It was a big blow to Syamala. Syamala was associated with the party from her childhood. She learnt to sing revolutionary songs from the squad members when they visited her village. She always helped her mother in household chores. She married into Sunnam family residing in her village. Her husband was a revolutionary activist and this helped Syamala to develop her understanding about political matters. Her husband was recruited and she came closer to the revolutionary movement. Then she gave birth to a child and looked after the child for some time. In 1998, Syamalakka joined the party leaving her children.

She always mingled well with the people and the cadres. She served as a doctor in the PLGA till her last breath. Along with working in the organizational field she took training in the medical field too and improved her knowledge to serve the guerillas and the people. She became a good guerilla doctor. With great love she used to give medical treatment to the sick comrades and had won a place in their heart.

She learnt to read Telugu in the squad and always tried to learn things she did not know, taking the help of other comrades. She had great interest in hearing the tales of the people and was cheerful. She was very strict in following the discipline of the party. She took part in many resistance campaigns against the enemy. On June 19, 2006 during the Pithuri week 180 quintals of rice was being transported to the SJ. The guerillas had seized the rice and Syamala participated in this.

She had a role in the annihilation of three hard core Judum goons in the Basagudem area. In July 2006, during an encounter at Pakila village, a CRPF jawan was shot dead and Syamala had participated in it as a section commander. On December 28, 2006 in the fierce encounter at Bodam village two comrades were martyred and Syamala had a brush with death. On February 6, 2007 in another fierce encounter two brave soldiers of the PLGA laid down their lives fighting the enemy and Syamala was one among them. She was 34. A wave of grief gripped the people of Jagurugonda when they heard about the martyrdom of Com. Syamala. She may be no more but her ideals, determination and aims are always with us giving inspiration to the next generations.

Comrade Madvi Deve

Madvi Deve was born in Minpa village (Jagurugonda area, South Bastar) in 1987. By that time party had already established itself in that area. The sangam in Minpa was also built up at the same time. So Deve literally grew up along with the sangam in the village. Revolutionary songs were the lullabies she heard as a baby. She grew up hearing those songs and joined the village CNM team. She worked in CNM for 3 years. She joined the PLGA in 2006.

Considering her cultural talents she was taken into the area CNM team directly and she continued in that field till her death. People loved her like their own child. She was martyred in the encounter at Kodmal village on February 6, 2007 along with Com. Syamala. Young cultural activist Deve had laid down her life for the new democratic revolution in India and let us pledges to carry forward her aims.

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