Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Gadapa Saritha (Vimala)


Martyrdom : 06-03-2007

Com. Sarita was born in a Nayakapu family in Pedda Bodikel village of Jegurugonda area (Konta tehsil, Dantewada district) under South Bastar division. Sarita had two sisters and two brothers. Her father was a leader of the DAKMS and he died due to illness when Sarita was just twelve years old. Their family was very poor and so everybody had to work. With the income from their land, they could not live for six months in a year too. So they used to gather forest produce like mahua and went for plucking tendu leaves, cut bamboo etc. like many other thousands of poor families in Bastar.

Since the party had entered the area, Sarita’s father used to work for the Sangam as a sincere leader. By the time he died, Sarita had just begun to get familiar with the squads and the mass organizations. The people’s courts held by the organizations on women issues and the songs of CNM had a huge impact on Sarita. Due to hinduized traditions in their community, they never ate in the homes of adivasis. Even after women had joined the women’s organization and went from village to village and met people of different castes and communities, they found it very difficult to mingle with all them. But due to continuous education and propaganda by the party, change occurred in this village too.

Sarita began working in KAMS and was elected as a range committee member. She enthusiastically participated in meetings, propaganda and in singing songs. Sarita was continuously influenced and impressed by the reduction in oppression of women, agriculture being carried on a co-operative basis where people participated together, helping the poor families and distributing land, cattle, seeds etc to them – all due to people’s struggles. She firmly believed that the party and the mass organizations had the interests of the people at heart. She joined the squads in 2002 and changed her name to Vimala.

She attended the military camp held for new recruits and learnt military skills with great attention. For one year, she worked in the Pamed LOS. In that period, she became literate and learnt about the party rules and discipline. Due to her friendly nature, she became very popular among the comrades in the division. Due to the increasing military needs of the party, it was decided to give tailoring work to Vimala, mainly for stitching uniforms. She was sent for training for one year. She took up this responsibility whole-heartedly. She was given party membership by then. As a party member she fulfilled her responsibilities of a tailor well. She improved continuously in her work and she stitched hundreds of uniforms for the PLGA. Besides tailoring, Vimala was interested in participating in TCOC campaigns and in taking part in political and military training. She used to be in the forefront to go for TCOC campaigns.

She did PT and drill daily. She participated bravely in an ambush held in Dornapal area in March 2007. But Com. Lakke was martyred in that attack as she was shot by the enemy. This was on March 5, 2007. Com. Vimala went to Verrum village along with a team to give the information of Lakke’s martyrdom to her family. Vimala met the committee members of the village and the family members of Lakke and told them in detail how she was martyred. She explained to them how the firing had taken place and how they could not bring her body with them though they wanted to and had tried. She told them that they would hold a memorial meeting for Com. Lakke in the village and talked to them about all the arrangements that had to be done.

But unknown to them, the grey hounds of AP had reached Verrum village. They came so secretly and so suddenly that nobody could get even a bit of any information about their coming. Neither the people nor the squad had seen them. They came directly to the place they had camped in. Vimala immediately took position and fired. But the grey hounds had opened auto fire and advanced. Vimala was hit in the head and she fell down on the spot. This was on March 7, 2007. Party had lost a dedicated and disciplined comrade with her martyrdom. She came from a poor family and died for the poor people. Let us carry forward her aims.

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