Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Indravelli Martyrs


Comrade Salam Gandhari (Aruna)

Martyrdom : 31-01-2007

Com. Gandhari was born in a poor adivasi family in Paldari village of Talamadugu mandal, Adilabad district. She could not go to school due to dire poverty. The anti-feudal land struggles going on in the Bodh area inspired her to think about the movement. With the inspiration of class struggle in her area she joined the DAKMS in 1989 and then became an activist. Her role in keeping the village as a centre for party’s activities is unforgettable.

In 1990 the Adilabad district DAKMS conference was held and she attended it as a delegate. This conference had decided on the programme of occupying the patta lands of the land lords on the basis of ‘Land to the tiller’ policy and gave a call to intensify the land struggles. Gandhari took these tasks of the conference back to her area and implemented them with spirit. She played an active role in mobilizing adivasi people into militant struggles to occupy lands.

The Chenna Reddy government was mad at this surge of people’s struggles all over Andhra Pradesh and especially in Telangana region. So the government brought in armed forces to crush the land struggles. But the DAKMS activists worked amidst repression and advanced the movement militantly. Gandhari worked with renewed spirit in organizing adivasi people militantly into struggles. As long as poor peasants fight the exploitation on them, the inspiration of comrades like Gandhari will forever remain with them. In the repression perpetrated by the armed forces, some weak elements had surrendered in the district. But Gandhari worked as a squad member in the Wankidi and Mangi squads in these critical times. She worked as Aruna in the squad.


Comrade Durgam Venkatamma (Swarna)

Com. Swarna was born in a poor family in Soopaka Jangaon of Kotapalli mandal in Adilabad district She could not go to school at home and learnt to read and write in the squad. She joined the Chennur squad as a member in June 2004. She was a hard worker and mingled well with comrades. She won the affection of her fellow guerillas. Though she had health problems at such a young age, she worked with revolutionary spirit.

She was ready to work in new areas in the district too and worked for some time in the Indravelli squad. She tried to write songs on martyrs. She used to sing songs too. She was martyred in an encounter with the enemy in the Madded area even while she was developing into a good artiste.

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