World Popular Resistance Clippings 29/1/2014


According To Article 400, You Can’t Go On Strike

In the battle of labor versus management, the labor force in Kazakhstan is on the brink of finding itself at a huge disadvantage. Kazakhstan’s parliament is currently reviewing a package of amendments to the country’s criminal code that include stiff penalties for participating in an “illegal” strike. According to Article 400 of the draft legislation, it is up to courts to decide if a strike is “illegal” and, once such a verdict is reached, anyone who shows up at such an action could receive a fine in the region of $10,000 and/or be sentenced to correctional work, or receive a jail sentence of up to three years.


Matatu operators block Roysambu over tout’s killing

Protesting matatu operators have blocked a road with rocks and burning tyres at Roysambu roundabout. Riot police are present at the scene and are trying to contain the protests and restore traffic in the area. The matatu operators are protesting the shooting of a tout on Tuesday night by a police officer from Kasarani police station allegedly after the tout refused to give a Sh 20 bribe to the officer.

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Two killed by cops in Relela protest

Two men were shot dead by police during a protest in Relela outside Tzaneen, Limpopo police said on Wednesday. The two men, aged between 25 and 40, were killed on Tuesday evening near the police station in the area, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said. About 1 500 violent protesters armed with petrol bombs and stones attacked the police at the station. “Fifteen officers were injured, three critically so and 19 police vehicles were damaged.” Mulaudzi said the intentions of the protesters were clear and the officers did what anyone would have done to protect themselves. Menard

Prison Hunger Strike Enters Third Week as Inmates Continue to Protest Conditions

A hunger strike by several inmates at the Menard Correctional Center in Illinois is entering its third week today as they continue to protest against being held in the prison’s severe “administrative detention” unit, which has conditions similar to solitary confinement, for what they claim are unjustifiable reasons.

Workers Call for Fired Colleagues to Be Reinstated

Hundreds of garment workers protested outside the Vattanac Industrial Park 2 in Phnom Penh’s Dangkao district on Tuesday, calling for the reinstatement of 11 workers they claim were unfairly dismissed from their jobs at the Chinese-owned Dongdu Textile factory after they set up a union.

Transport strike upends Santiago’s morning commute

Santiago.- Most urban and interurban traffic came to a halt in Santiago province Wednesday morning, from a strike called by transport unions which demand of street repairs, a reform of the law on fuels for vehicles and clarity on the propane gas subsidy. The drivers of buses and other vehicles halted most of the city’s public transport routes, as union leaders Juan Marte and Gervacio de la Rosa warned Monday. Tension reigns in many sectors on concern of violent protests, stemming from the recent demands for better public services such as electricity.

Iranian workers continue strike

About 200 workers of the Zaqros steel works in Gurva (Kurdistan Province, Iran) are on strike today. They demand their salaries for 7 months of work, plus insurance benefits for 5 months.

20 Savar RMG workers hurt in clash with cops

At least 20 garment workers were injured in a clash with law enforcers on Dhaka-Aricha highway in Savar this morning. The workers of Fa Apparels Ltd also vandalised windowpanes and some furniture at the factory building at Hemayetpur protesting closure of their factory and non-payment of arrears. Around 400 workers took to the highway around 9:00am blocking vehicular movements for half an hour in the morning rush hour, said Shahid Ullah, senior assistant director of Ashulia Industrial Police.

The clash erupted as the workers continued demonstration defying police request to free the road, reports our Savar correspondent quoting the police official. At least 20 people were injured when police charged truncheons on the clashing workers.

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