Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Poyami Moti (Vasanta)


Martyrdom : 26-11-2006

Com. Moti was born in the village Jangla (Para Kalsera Gudem), Block Bhairamgad, Dantewada district. On November 26, 2006 the PLGA did an opportunity raid on the Andhra grey hounds in the Kistaram area of South Bastar. She fought the enemy very valiantly and chased them while firing. In that process she was hit by the enemy bullets and laid down her invaluable life. She was the second child in the family. She became a member of the children’s organization at a young age. She chose the revolutionary path as she believed there is no liberation of women without revolution. She opposed the exploitation and oppression of village elders.

Moti worked in KAMS in her village and organized women against the oppressive tribal customs and discrimination. She increased her awareness and that of the village women with these activities. Her family did not want her to be recruited into the party and so sent her away to a relative’s house which was not located in the movement area. They tried to teach her that the party was not good. But she never heeded their advices and worked actively in the Sangam works. She joined the PLGA in January 2006.

After the Salwa Judum started, her village was one of the first villages to rebel against it. Moti’s brother was an activist in DAKMS and so the Judum goons hacked him to death cruelly. She was filled with class hatred with all these atrocities of the Judum and wanted to join the PLGA to fight against the ruling classes who were perpetuating them. Even during Salwa Judum black days she used to work bravely while facing great difficulties by escaping from the goondas and the police.

Though she was a new recruit, when the party put a proposal to her to work in North Telangana, she agreed without any hesitation though that state and language are new to her. She became the member of Wajed LGS under North Telangana Special Zone abiding by the party decision. After she went to North Telangana she became member of the newly formed platoon. She won the praise of all the comrades in the platoon. She was disciplined and adhered to party rules strictly. She was always ready to take any kind of risk for the sake of revolution. She was faster than other comrades in learning Telugu. She served the patient comrades without feeling any inconvenience. Such were the ideals in her which every one of us should emulate.

Later, on 26 November 2006, the PLGA attacked the greyhounds near Charla and Moti was martyred in that attack. Moti proved that there are no borders and limitations for communists to work and went from Bastar to AP and gave her life. This brave soldier will live forever in the annals of the revolutionary history of India. The PLGA guerillas brought her body with them and gave her a fitting farewell with revolutionary traditions. They pledged to carry forward her aims.

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