Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kavitha (Sulochana)


Martyrdom : 30-10-2006

Com. Kavitha was born in Gopalpur village of Chityal mandal in Warangal district Her mother died when she was still a child and her step mother did not treat her well. Her father died when she was ten years old and her travails increased. Her step mother not only beat her and scolded her but also mixed poison in her food once. Sulochana observed this and went crying to a neighbour who was friendly with her. He helped her and through him she came into contact with the party.

With his help she joined the Chityal squad in 2001. Within a few days she was transferred to Narsampet squad. She used to be active in all works though she was very young. She learnt to read and write within 3 months. Seeing her zest she was transferred to the 3rd platoon. She used to fulfill even difficult tasks and established herself well in the military field. When she was in the platoon, the enemy attacked them near Reddypalli in Mahamutharam mandal (Karimnagar district). Com. Mamatha who was beside her was hit and she died on the spot. But Kavitha did not become frightened or confused; she fired twelve rounds from her single barrel gun and retreated safely with other comrades.

When the platoon was in the Narsampet area the enemy attacked them with specific information about their route of journey. She retreated safely there too without any trace of fear. There was one comrade named Madhavi with her. She could not see in the night. So Kavitha held her hand and walked the whole night barefoot without food. After she worked for three years in the platoon, the party dissolved the platoon in 2004 and she was transferred to the Karimnagar LGS. During the talks period she was transferred to Venkatapur SGS in Khammam district. Within a short period she learnt Gondi and mingled well with the people.

Later she was transferred to the Sabari area in Khamman dt in 2005. When the Kukkunoor squad was newly formed in the district she joined it as a member according to the party decision. Thus she was always ready to work wherever the party sent her. In 2006, she was promoted to the AC and was transferred to the Eturunagaram squad in Warangal district They had to face frequent encounters with the enemy there but she withstood firmly in the squad. Sulochana participated actively in cultural programmes too. Sulochana was martyred in the attack on the squad on October 30, 2006. Sulochana had joined the revolution as a young girl but was martyred as a brave guerilla.

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