Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kadti Penti


Martyrdom : July 2006

Kadti Penti belonged to Aargatta village in Konta tehsil of Dantewada district. She was a Muria adivasi. Kadti Penti was a 28 year old young woman and worked as a range committee member in KAMS. She was elected as the Dornapal range committee member in 2005. In the same year she was given party membership. As a range committee member she mobilized women on a wide scale on various issues. She mobilized women not only on women’s issues but also in other political issues like demand for Separate Bastar.

She was adept at solving people’s problems in the village and was accepted as their beloved leader. The CRPF and SPOs got hold of her in Aargatta and killed her after brutally torturing her. Her dead body was tied in a gunny sack and was thrown in the Sabari river. With her death, the people of Dornapal have lost a good organizer and leader who took care of all their problems. It was an organizational and political loss. A budding woman leader was forever extinguished. But her inspiration lives on among the people and is guiding them.

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