World Popular Resistance Clippings 19/1/2014


Seven detained in raids on two villages in Uludere

Seven people have been detained in morning raids in the southeastern province of Şırnak as a part of an operation involved with a protest against the construction of a new safe road to the military post in the district. Gendarme forces reportedly raided houses in the Gülyazı village and Ortasu (Roboski in Kurdish) village, where 34 civilian villagers were killed in a military strike in 2011, after the protest held on Jan. 15 in which one person was heavily wounded and military vehicles were damaged in clashes between protesters and security forces.

The search lasted four hours. The villagers reacted against the raids, claiming the detainees were treated badly. Serhat Encü, who survived the military strike while losing 11 family members, was among those who were detained in the operation. Encü was seriously wounded after being hit by a gas canister on his ear in last week’s protest. The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy Hasip Kaplan reacted against the raid via Twitter, questioning who ordered the searches in Roboski. During the protest on Jan. 15, families of the Uludere/Roboski massacre victims were also protesting the dismissal of the investigation into the military’s airstrike.

13 arrested in protest of Calif. officer acquittal

FULLERTON, Calif. — A protest over the acquittal of two former California police officers in the beating death of a homeless man turned violent Saturday when someone assaulted a TV camerawoman, resulting in at least 13 arrests, police said. The protest against Monday’s acquittal of two former Fullerton officers in the 2011 death of Kelly Thomas drew about 200 people, police Sgt. Jeff Stuart said. He said most of the protesters were peaceful, but some took over intersections, blocked streets and vandalized business.

Video broadcast by KCBS-TV someone whose face was covered by a bandanna striking the camerawoman. She fled into her news van, and her crew called 911 when a group surrounded the vehicle, Stuart said.

South Africa braces for another year of strikes

Struggling South Africa seems set for another year of labour unrest in another body blow for an economy battling high unemployment and struggling to remain the largest on the continent. The last two years have been dark times for South African labour relations. Pay strikes have rolled from sector to important sector — mining, manufacturing, transport — leaving a wake of red ink, protests and blood. Unfortunately, the new year looks much like the last.


Farmers protest against land grabbing

About 500 farmers rallied in front of the City Hall in Yangon on Saturday calling for an end to the Imprisonment of protesting farmers and for the return of the farmland grabbed during the time of the former military regime. This is the largest protest that farmers have staged against land grabbing since Myanmar transitioned to civilian rule. Farmers from Ayeyawady Region, Bago Region and Yangon Region participated in the protest. The government earlier promised to return the farmland to the farmers but most of them had faced with court cases and prison sentences following disputes. Therefore, the farmers have called on the government to take action against those officials who do not follow the ruling of the parliament for returning farmland.

In photos: Kafr Qaddum protests continue in the face of repression

On Friday, residents of Kafr Qaddum took to the streets as part of a weekly protest against the closure of their main road by Israeli occupation forces. Locals also protest against the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the confiscation of their lands by local settlers. Israeli forces closed the town’s main road to Palestinians some years ago, cutting locals off from the nearby city of Nablus and other neighboring villages. Due to the closure of road to Palestinians, the trip to the regional center of Nablus is 14 km longer than it was before, severely hampering local residents’ access to services. Every Friday for the last two years, residents have gathered to voice their anger at the situation, in weekly protests that have been consistently put down violently by Israeli forces.

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