Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Mukunur Martyrs

Martyrdom :02-04-2006


Comrade Somidi (Soni) (Parvati)

Com. Parvathi was born in a poor adivasi family in Chennapur village of Charla mandal of Khammam district. So she had to work hard since her childhood to help out her family. She was influenced by the party politics and joined the mass organization. She mobilized women against patriarchal oppression and adivasi oppressive customs and worked enthusiastically in the organization. Whenever the party conducted political classes or meetings she used to be present without fail.

Due to increased enemy repression she joined the squads. She fulfilled all the tasks entrusted to her with great determination. She learnt to read and write within a short period. In the joint operations by the Chattisgarh and Andhra police in the border areas undertaken with the aim of crushing the movement, Com. Somidi was martyred in an encounter on their squad on April 2, 2006. Though she was a new recruit she fought valiantly and laid down her life while fighting the enemy.


Comrade Vijaya

Com. Vijaya was born in Rampur village of Usur mandal of Khammam district in a poor adivasi family. She used to work hard since childhood. She opposed her forceful marriage by the village elders and joined the squad in 2005. She became used to the squad life within a short period and learnt to read and write with determination. She was always in the forefront in doing the tasks given to her. She mingled well with one and all and learnt new things with great attentiveness. In an encounter on April 2, 2006 near Mukunur village, Com. Vijaya was martyred. Though the enemy outnumbered them by many times she fought with them bravely and laid down her life while facing the enemy courageously.

Comrade Radha

Com. Radha belonged to the village Peddapalli in Chityal mandal of Warangal distritct in a poor family. Radha grew up in an atmosphere of revolutionary politics. Her sister Com. Radha had died in an encounter with the police near Kothur of Mulugu mandal of Warangal district. After this incident, Radha’s commitment doubled and she was eager to join the movement. She used to meet the squad and worked secretly in the village. She was furious when some ex-naxalites resorted to anarchic activities in the village in the name of the party and fought their ill deeds.

Radha joined the squad as a full timer in May 2002 and worked in the Chityal squad and the SGS. When in Chityal, she worked as the member of LOS committee. In 2004, she married Com. Shyam. She was transferred to JNM and worked along with Shyam in the cultural field till both of them were martyred in Mukunur encounter in 2005. Radha fought against any manifestations of patriarchy in the squad. She opined strongly that special women meetings should be held on women issues. In the 2005 special meeting she frankly expressed her opinion on some wrong attitudes held by men comrades about women. She had health problems but was always cheerful and enthused other comrades. She went out for treatment and came back to the squad and was still in rest when the Mukunur encounter took place.

It is a serious loss for the district cultural movement to have a lost an artiste like Radha who had developed in such a short time. She had the potential to develop into a very good artiste. Women comrades have lost a consistent fighter against patriarchy in the party.

Comrade Savitri (Kumari)

Savitri was born in Damerathogu village of Gundala mandal of Khammam district. She was interested in songs and dance from her childhood and so the party had encouraged her to join JNM and get training. She happily agreed and went to Hyderabad. There she got herself trained in cultural skills. She participated actively in the cultural programs and had given performances all over the state along with the JNM team.

When repression increased, she heeded the call of the party and joined the Manugur squad as a member. Into the hard life of the guerillas she brought song and dance and filled them with enthusiasm. She taught them what she had learnt in the cultural field. She learnt to read and write within a short time and strived hard to develop herself. She was an adivasi comrade and opposed forced marriages and authority of the tribal elders. She was conscious about women’s rights and fought for them. Com. Savitri was martyred in the Mukunur encounter. The movement had lost a trained cultural artiste who had dedicated her life for the new democratic revolution.

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