International meeting for the formation of a European organized anti-imperialist platform


An international meeting for the formation of a European organized anti-imperialist platform took place in Italy on 23-24 November. The meeting was attended by comrades from Italy, France and the organizations of Turkish workers, youth and women in Europe from Germany, Holland and Austria. During the meeting there was discussion and decisions have been made on the following points:

1. The economic crisis, its attacks and our tasks

2. The path towards a European anti-imperialist coordination

3. Initiatives of solidarity with political prisoners

4. Initiatives to support the Filipino people

1 On the first point it has been stressed that the current stage is marked, on the one hand, by the competition between imperialists for a new definition of the world, sharpening the inter-imperialistic contradictions and pressures to aggression and wars; on the other hand, imperialists, their agencies and governments are united in unloading the crisis on the people’s masses, whose resistance and opposition against any kind of government instilling in each country grows and is responded with repression and fascist tendencies.

In this situation, it becomes more and more urgent the task to give unity and leadership to the resistance movements that develop in each country, to respond to the attacks against democratic organizations and further develop the peoples movements, fighting against all governments in each country to give answers to the problems of the masses. At this aim, the forces that took part in the meeting are committed in the formation of a European organized anti-imperialist and anti-fascist platform. A proletarian, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist front, that will unite the mass organizations operating in the struggle movements and expel the agents of the enemy: opportunists, reformists and electoralists.

2 Since many other organizations were contacted during the preparation of this meeting and had already expressed their willingness to be part of this kind of front, but, for various reasons, were unable to attend, it was decided to form a provisional organizing committee. It will convene a new meeting to be held in Austria next 8-9 February and draft for that date the organizational principles on which the call to join the platform will be based. The provisional committee will also carry out a division of tasks, a plan for invitations and a general appeal for the next meeting.

3 In recent months, due to the development of mass resistance movements and state repression, the number of political prisoners has increased in all countries, and their situation is even more critical . In many countries, political prisoners resist and fight against the inhuman conditions in prisons and the unjust detention and, outside the prisons, already campaigns are ongoing to create favorable public opinion for their struggles, to defend them and demand their release. For this, from 25 to 27 April 2014 in Turkey an international symposium on political prisoners is being organized by a specific body based there. It is important the next months to prepare the participation and success of the symposium with concrete campaigns in each country and by putting together all the organizations operating in each country in the solidarity with political prisoners.

In particular, the meeting decided to support and develop in each country a campaign in support of the Turkish political prisoners in the period of 19 December, the anniversary of the massacre of in Turkish jails, and an international day of action for the release of political prisoners in India, that is to be launched by the International Committee of support to the People’s War in India. A plan and specific letters and calls for each country to include in this work other organizations of solidarity with the political prisoners has also been decided.

4 The recent disaster in the Philippines puts in front of us two urgent tasks, the first is to contribute to concrete initiatives of solidarity with the people of the Philippines, the second, and most important, is to give voice to the people, to their revolutionary, democratic and popular organizations, to expose the strategic nature of the “humanitarian” aids of imperialism, which takes advantage of the situation to send the army in the guerrilla areas and increase the role of military advisors and U.S. troops in the counter-insurgency war, planning another war on people. In addition to the continuing of the efforts already undertaken in solidarity in the different countries, the meeting decided to issue a joint statement to be spread and subscribed by people’s and democratic organizations in every European country and to assess the possibility of a round of initiatives of solidarity with the presence of fellow Filipinos.


The Provisional Organizing Committee

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