Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Koram Ramadevi


Martyrdom : January 2006

Com. Rajitha was martyred in a fake encounter at Bonthagutta in the Somalagadda forest area in January 2006. She was born in a poor family in Mukunur village of Karimnagar district. She was the eldest child of her parents. She studied upto sixth standard but could not continue after that due to poverty. Rajitha had immense confidence and respect for the party since childhood. She used to sing revolutionary songs since she was a child and talk to women about party politics and methods. Rajitha was married at the age of 15 to Gauranna who was a revolutionary mass organization leader. Both of them wanted to come into the party.

But Gauranna died due to illness. Rajitha also became ill and faced difficulties and so her joining the squad was postponed. She finally got recruited into the squad in December 2004. As a LGS member she worked as a teacher and doctor in the squad and undertook any task given to her. She was in the forefront in all works and worked with determination. She used to mingle well with the comrades and wished everyone with a smile on her face. She competed with other comrades in hard work and worked day and night with patience and steely determination.

When some people who were recruited along with her surrendered to the enemy she used to feel she should take up the work of 10 more people for the sake of revolution. She helped her fellow comrades who could not go to school to learn quickly. She helped everyone. Though Rajitha is no more amongst us, let us learn from her patience, determination, immense confidence and skill. Let us carry forward her revolutionary spirit.

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