Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Kanakalakshmi (Lalitha)


Martyrdom : 11-01-2006

Com. Kanakalakshmi was born in Medaram village of Dharmaram mandal in Karimnagar district. Their family was poor. She was the second among three sisters. She studied till 10th standard and joined in Intermediate in Karimnagar. But she had to discontinue her studies due to economic problems. Lalitha had seen the exploitation and oppression of the land lords from her childhood. In her family her father was a drunkard and sadist. He had relations with some other woman and had written the one acre land and house in his brother’s name. Since then, conflict started between the father on one side and the mother with her three daughters on one side.

A caste panchayat was held but the bad gentry who conducted it are so corrupt that they took bribes and banished the mother and daughters from the caste. Lalitha began thinking about the root cause of such atrocities on the weaker sections of the society. Lalitha’s brother-in-law was in contact with the party. Through him Lalitha came into the contact of the party in 2000. She began meeting the party people from then on. She introduced women from her village to the party. When the campaign batches came to the village for conducting propaganda, she mobilized women to attend those meetings and made them sing songs too.

After the meetings, police came and enquired as to who met the squad, who sang songs etc. They arrested the women, councelled them against the movement and released them. Lalitha was given a warning not to meet the squad again as she was the main person who organized the women and her family was banished too. From then on, the land lords and bad gentry village came to know that she had contacts with the party and that she might go into the party and so kept an eye on her. After leaving her studies she began working as a private teacher in Medaram. In the panchayats held for solving her family’s problem, she used to talk back against the bad gentry. She even booked a case against her father. So her father and the bad gentry began propagating that she had contact with the party and harassed her by informing the police.

During that period, the party could not meet her for some time. So she learnt computer for some days in Karimnagar. She worked as a nurse in Karimnagar. When she came to visit the village, they used to propagate that she had gone into the party. Her family problem became more complex. At that time some psuedo naxalites contacted her and told her that they were party people too and that they would solve her problem. She believed them and went with them. She was arrested with them with a country gun. She spent three months in Warangal jail. After her release she finally met the party again and got recruited into the party in October, 2004. She looked after the women work and students work in the area. She was promoted to the LOS committee in 2005. Lalitha was a disciplined comrade and mingled well with the cadres and leadership well.

She had good initiative and made contacts easily. She listened to the people’s problems and thought about the solutions to them. She always fought against any form of patriarchy. She felt that women too should come into leadership positions. She tried to develop herself for this task and helped other women comrades to develop too. She learnt to give medicines and became the squad doctor. She taught others too. She served the patients in the squad well and helped them recover. Such a promising, educated, conscious woman comrade was killed by the inhuman police in an ambush. Let us pledge to fight till the end to carry forward her dreams for a new society where women are not oppressed.

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