Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Isrubai


Martyrdom : December 2005

Nearly 25 years back Com. Isrubai lost her left leg in the infamous police firing in Indravelli on April 20, 1981. This incident was likened to Jallianwalah Bagh massacre. She was ailing since some days and died in December 2005. She was 65. She belonged to the village Pitta Bongaram of Indravelli mandal of Adilabad district. When thousands of Adivasis were converging at Indravalli for a public meeting to discuss their problems and find a solution, the police opened fire on the innocent Adivasis to disrupt the meeting and killed them. Isrubai could not bear the killings of the adivasis in such a brutal manner. She was a brave woman who killed one of the policemen there. A total of 13 adivasis died in this incident and many more were injured. Isrubai was one of them. Many Adivasi organizations’ leaders paid homage to her. The CPI (Maoist) Party Adilabad district Committee also paid homage to her.

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