Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Sitham Vijaya (Latha)


Martyrdom : 13-12-2005

Com. Vijaya (18) was born in a poor dalit family in the village Ramapuram of Dachepalli mandal, Guntur district. This village is known for struggle against the upper caste land lords. The land lord Achireddy had banished the dalit basti in 1990 and conspired to kill the Sangam youth. He collected weapons and boasted that he would create another Karamchedu and Tsunduru (massacres of dalits had taken place in these two villages).

The party had annihilated him before he could perpetuate such a blood bath. Such was the challenge thrown by the dalit basti of Ramapuram to the upper caste land lords of Palnadu. This village served as the centre for the class struggle in the Dachepalli area. Seven persons were recruited into the party from this village and six out of them had become martyrs in the movement. Com. Vijaya was one of them. Vijaya’s mother was a close sympathizer of the party and had brought up her daughter with the aspiration that she should become a guerilla.

She used to tell her daughter stories about the condition of the village before the party entered and after the party activities started. After Vijaya turned 16, her mother brought her to the squad and Vijaya was recruited into the Naguleti Squad in the presence of her mother at the end of 2003. Her mother’s education and her own committment towards the people had turned her into a revolutionary. From that day, she changed her name to Latha and participated actively in the activities of the squad.

She mobilized people for meetings and consolidated them into Sangams. She participated in the Chilakaluripet and Addanki raids on police stations. She was injured in an encounter at Marrivemula hills in Prakasam dt on December 10, 2005. But she escaped from the spot and retreated alone. After walking for 2, 3 days along with those injuries, she reached Sirigitipadu forest area in Guntur district Hundreds of police combed the Palnadu area and she was caught unarmed and in an injured state in the forest. They killed her in cold blood and announced that a woman naxalite was killed in an encounter.

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