Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Injamuri Mariamma (Vijaya)


Martyrdom : 10-12-2005

Com. Mariamma (26) was born in Gogulapadu village of Gurajala mandal in Guntur district. She was the only daughter of her poor, dalit parents and they doted on her. Her village was one of the centres of class struggle in Palnadu. From 1990, anti-feudal struggles raged in that village. Though there are three police stations all round the village within a distance of one hour, the villagers always gave shelter to the guerillas. Three persons were recruited into the movement from this village.

Vijaya was one of them. Such was the history of the village in which Mariamma was born. With the inspiration of the class struggles in her village, she decided to join the movement as a PR. At that time her parents fixed her marriage. Just one week before the marriage, she escaped from her house and tried to contact the party. But she did not get the contact. She tried for the contact by doing odd jobs for about three months. Finally she got hold of the party contact and said she wanted to join the squad. But the party suggested that she work in the women’s organization in a village for six months. She accepted and later joined the squad in 1998.

Due to poverty, she could study only up to 2nd standard. So she learnt to read and write in the squad. She worked in the Dachepalli squad from 1998 to 2000. Later she worked in the Chandravanka squad for some days. In 2001-02, she took up the responsibility of women’s organization in the Veldurty area as a squad member. She played a good role in the anti-arrack struggles which took place on a vast scale in the area. She used to do all her duties in the squad and gradually developed into an ACM in 2003 and became the commander of Dachepalli. In that period, she took up struggles on various peasant problems.

She was transferred to Chandravanka area in 2004. There she led the deluge of struggles against the Adigoppula land lords. In 2004, utilizing the flexibility during the “Talks” period, she led the mobilizations of vast numbers of people in various activities. She encouraged people to build Martyr’s Columns in many villages. Vijaya participated actively in many military actions. She led the women’s team which annihilated a notorious goon named Vali of Julakallu village. She participated in the annihilations of Naramalapadu and Adigoppula land lords. She played an active role in the bus ambush conducted in July 2004. She participated actively in the rocket attack on Durgi PS, the raids on police stations at Addanki, Nandigam and Chilakaluripet and on the NCC camp. She was part of the assault teams in these raids and played a crucial role in their success. Weapons were seized in all of them.

Due to her military prowess, she was given the responsibility of B section commander in the newly formed platoon in 2004, the first PL in Guntur district. She played an active role in all the military actions conducted by the PL. Vijaya wrote many stories and poems in the name of “Hai Tsia” which is the name of the militia heroine in a China novel. She wrote paper statements in an effective style. She led the squads coordinating organizational, political and military tasks. She later developed into the Chandravanka ACS in 2005. While working there, on December 10, 2005 an encounter took place with the police and her partner Com. Sunil was martyred in front of her eyes. But she fought the enemy valiantly alone till she fell down to enemy bullets. Let us pay red homage to this brave daughter of Palnadu.

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