Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Mamata (Battu Alisa)


Martyrdom : 21-11-2005

She was born in Posaram village of Illendu mandal of Khammam district. She was the second child of her poor parents. Her parents had been running a brick kiln in Illendu after leaving their village in search of livelihood. But it did not run well and they ran into financial difficulties. So the family returned to the village and Mamatha worked as a bonded laborer along with her brother for rich peasants.

They used to hate the domination of New Democracy, the revisionist party which had a hold there. But since they had no other way, they had to bow their heads and work without opening their mouths. During the period of ‘Talks’ with the government in July 2004, Posaram village was awakened due to the people’s struggles against New Democracy which shattered its base. People were ready to fight against that party’s policies.

This fight was led by Mamatha’s brother. Mamatha also participated in it. The New Democracy party was questioned by the people about their corruption and their atrocities were exposed. And this was how Mamatha entered the path of stuggles. With the encouragement of her brother she stood in the forefront bravely to fight against the revisionist goons and their anti people policies. Later both brother and sister wanted to join the squads and did so in September. Ever since she joined the squad Mamatha concentrated on learning revolutionary politics and on military training. Though the ‘Talks’ ended within a few days after she joined the squads, she went ahead with determination.

She used to electrify everybody with her laughter and bubbly, talkative nature. She mingled well with the people and made sure that she in turn taught them whatever was learnt by her. Mamatha was sent to the protection squad in March 2005. Once she went outside for treatment and from there went to her village for contact with the squad. The New Democracy people tried to be very amicable with her but they had already planned to give information to the police.

She saw through their deception and she in turn deceived them and went away from the village in the dead of night and reached another village. Since both brother and sister were in the party the police and New Democracy party harassed their family in many ways and tried to get both of them to surrender. Her parents narrated all those harassments to her and cried in front of her. But Mamatha was not ready to leave the path of struggle. Her brother was a bit shaken with this.

But she told him that party would solve the problem of their family too and that it cannot become a reason to quit the party. Since the party also assured that it will solve their family’s problems, she very enthusiastically prepared herself to resist the enemy. While on their way to attack the enemy they were caught in police firing on Lingagudem hill in November 2005 and Mamatha was martyred in the firings. Com. Mamatha’s enthusiasm, determination and dedication are an inspiration to revolutionaries always.

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