Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Somulamma (Sathyavathi)


Martyrdom : 23-10-2005

Com. Somulamma (23) was born in a poor adivasi family in Nimmalagondi village of Koyyur mandal, Visakha district. After attaining puberty she was also married off like many other young women of her age to a person from Chaparathipalem. This village was situated in the Galikonda area. Many struggles were conducted in this village against the landlords and bad gentry under the leadership of the squad. Even before her marriage, her husband had told her that he was working in the Adivasi Rytu Coolie Sangam. He also told her that he would be going off as a full timer after preparing himself for the task in future. Sathyavathi was not frightened by his decision.

She did not back off from this marriage. His lofty aim won her respect and she married him with her will. By the time of their marriage the squad was not visiting their village due to severe repression. But it came back again in 2004. The couple met the squad which came to their village in 2004. They expressed their desire to join as full timers. Party recruited them as full timers and kept them in a den in a town for technical work. (He had surrendered after her martyrdom).

Though she was born in an adivasi village she did not hesitate to live in a town for the needs of the party. After working there for some days she was again assigned to the Gurtedu squad in the forest. The Party observed her cultural interest and melodious voice and transferred her to the JNM squad in Galikonda area, agreeing to her proposal. Within a short period she gave many programmes in the villages. She learnt Kuvi language and mingled with those people by singing songs in Kuvi. Nobody could guess that she joined the squad recently after seeing her initiative. The squad planned to give training to youth in villages.

As part of that work a training camp was being held. The police got information of the camp and they attacked it on 23rd October 2005. Sathyavathi was on sentry duty along with Com. Prabhakar. When they heard some sounds she went and alerted the camp and came back to the post. They both resisted the enemy in order to safeguard the camp. But the police used launchers on the sentry post on a big scale and both comrades fell down with injuries. The police caught them with injuries and tortured and killed them in cold blood. If she had not alerted the camp, the loss would have been more serious. Satyavathi proved herself to be a model guerilla by sacrificing her life to save her comrades. Let us emulate her.

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