Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrades Geeta Tulavi and Sunita Madavi

geeta tulavi

Martyrdom : 17-07-2005

On July 17 2005, police attacked the Tipragadh organizational squad. The PLGA guerillas resisted and retreated successfully. Three young girls who had come to meet the squad thought that the police would not do anything to them as they were unarmed villagers and so they stood there. But the police raped the three innocent girls. Later they killed Sunitha Madavi and Geetha Thulavi in close range and the third girl Sushil was put in jail with injuries on her body and mental scars.

Com. Sunitha was born in a poor Madavi family in Charwai village. She studied till 5th standard and joined the children’s organization in her childhood. She joined the village militia after she gew up. Com. Geetha belonged to Charwai village too. She was born in a poor peasant family and studied till 7th standard. She worked in the children’s organization and later joined the DAKMS. From the initial days of the movement, Charwai served as a bastion for the revolutionaries.

It stood steadfast in the storms of repression. Even during repression, people came closer to the party rather than going away from it. It was this revolutionary village which inspired youngsters like Sunitha and Geeta to join revolutionary activities. The police brutally raped and killed them as they were unable to kill the revolutionary spirit of the villagers. But the villagers vowed to take revenge for their death and carry forward the revolution.

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