Response to the 10 points of the International Committee to Support People’s War in India Meeting of 21 September 2013


Dear comrades,

We have long been members of the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India and apologize that we were unable to send someone to represent our people at the meeting, but would like to respond to the 10 points that you raised.

1: The maximum mass diffusion and study of Ganapathy CPI(Maoist) document (in all languages possible)

We will distribute the Ganapathy letter to the Conference and International Committee through our mass work in French and English. We will also ensure that it is published on our party website in both French and English. We will also endeavour to publish it in the next issue of our theoretical magazine, Arsenal, alongside our speech to the conference.

2: The development on an organisational and political plan for national committees and national coordination in all countries of all various forces that support people’s war

India with the target of development through prolonged campaigns in the next 6 months – exemplar Month Solidarity in Philippines;
 While we remain committed to the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India (ICSPWI) as a party, we have decided that we will launch a public mass campaign through the International Campaign Against the War on the People of India (ICAWPI).

We prefer to use this mass campaign as a means by which to approach the broadest range of the masses, while simultaneously drawing attention to the role of the CPI(Maoist) and the People’s War in India. However, we will endeavour when we reach enough capacity, ideologically and politically, to form independent committees to support the people’s war in India.Up till the date at which these independent committees will be formed we will continue to use materials and international days of actions developed and promoted by ICSPWI to wage ideological struggle within the broader mass campaign.

3: The birth of a new and complete international website for information and counter-information in the world, in English, Spanish and other original languages

We welcome a new international website and will ensure to publicise it through our resources.

4: The launch of a new unified international campaign – starts 5 october 2013 – against indian government’s attacks against Dr. Saibaba, Students for Resistance, Artists and Intellectuals. This campaign must be developed in all Universities, Schools, Intellectual AREA in all countries

We are very much in favour of this campaign and have already delivered a petition signed by over 100 people to the Indian consulate in Toronto. We also intend to organise several public events which will highlight the issue of political prisoners and will participate in the proposed international day of action.

5: The development a new international day for the 4000 maoist and popular political prisoners and for the liberation of CPI(Maoist) leaders

We will organise and mobilise for this day leafletting and informational meetings in as many cities as possible. 6: In 2014 the International Committee develops a plan of work for an International Delegation in India with the participation of solidarity militants, intellectuals, personalities etc. to denounce and oppose Operation Green Hunt and all forms of repression against Indian people struggle for new democratic revolution!

We would like to participate in the proposed international delegation in India, but would like to know more details about the nature of the delegation, its tasks, and what is required. We look forward to getting more information about this and how we can contribute to the process of building this delegation.

7: For the 10th anniversary of CPI(Maoist) foundation – International Commitee support people’s war in India with all maoists, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists forces organised a Second International Conference of support – possible not in Europe. A convocation for this new conference will be issued in the spring 2014.

We welcome a second international conference and would like to participate if possible. We also think that a second conference ideally should be held outside of Europe. We would also like to possibly organise a smaller North American conference as to consolidate local, national and continental forces around a mass campaign to stop the war on the people of India.

8: International Committee SPW India supports the liberation struggle of Philippines and participates to all supporters initiatives, IC support all people’s wars and all armed anti-imperialist struggles in the world.

We of course agree with this statement. Indeed, we think that the International Committee should consider how we can aid the Communist Party of the Philippines, especially in the context of the on-going Oplan Bayanihan which closely parallels the on-going military operations against the Indian comrades, and other armed anti-imperialist movements.

9: International Committee declares that the best support to the people’s war in India is to make new democratic and proletarian revolution all countries.

We agree with this statement, however, we are not sure that this is the role of the ICSPWI to make such statements as the responsibility of said IC is to promote the people’s war in India. It should be left to individual parties in given countries to make such calls rather, than the IC. Indeed, we must remember that the ICSPWI is meant to attract a broad range of forces to its fold.

10International Commitee declares that the advancement of international unity of communist parties and organisations gives more force to the support people’s war in India in the world

We agree with this statement, but again do not think it is appropriate that the ICPWSI, which should be a body that has a wide-variety of forces in it, including non-Maoist organisations, should make such a statement. This should be the single or collective statement of parties and not of the IC.

Lal Salam!

International Department, PCR-RCP Canada

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