Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Doula Martyrs

Martyrdom : 19-05-2005


Comrade Punem Moti (Karuna)

Comrade Karuna was born in Mettapad village of Gangalur range under Bijapur Tehsil in Dantewada district. Her parents named her as Moti Punem. Inspite of her village being situated near Gangalur Police Station, it was like a bastion for the revolutionary movement. All the mass organizations in the village were actively functioning. Comrade Karuna was organizing women as a KAMS member. In this process she was inspired by Party politics and decided to dedicate her life for the cause of the revolution.

With an understanding that women cannot achieve complete liberation without the success of New Democratic Revolution she joined the revolutionary movement. Local party unit was also impressed with her work. She became a guerrilla by joining the squad in 1997. In the beginning she was in Basagudem squad. Comrade Karuna was both physically and mentally quite hale and healthy. In 1998, South Bastar Divisional Committee took her into the special guerrilla squad and she worked for a year in that. In this process party gave her membership. In 1999 she was selected to be a member of the newly formed Platoon-2.

Due to her initiative and leadership qualities in military affairs, first she has become Deputy Commander and later Section Commander. On 28th July 2004, first Company was formed in DK in which there was a special section of women and Comrade Karuna became the commander of it. Comrade Karuna participated in many military actions during her revolutionary life of 9 years from 1997 to 2005. She was a steeled woman fighter and once again she proved that a woman is no lesser than a man in any way in military field. The ambush near Torrem village near Basagudem was her first military action. In that action, 16 police personnel were killed and 17 were injured.

Karuna felt very proud of her participation in this successful ambush. Later she participated in Kongupalli, Wakulwai ambushes etc. as a member of support team. She showed her fighting spirit through participating in the ambushes conducted in Bajrangbali of North Bastar division and Tigeta, Motukupalli, Usikapatanam, Saalpalli etc. of West Bastar. She also took part in Tallagudem, Motu, Vedire, Geedam etc. police station raids.

She was Deputy Commander of ambush batch in Geedam raid. With her martyrdom, PLGA lost a capable and efficient soldier especially an aspiring woman fighter. One important characteristic of Comrade Karuna is that she never turned her back to responsibilities. She always did whichever work was allotted to her and went wherever she was sent. She fulfilled all the responsibilities given to her in military field with commitment. Com. Karuna happily accepted the responsibility in the newly formed first company in DK.

Comrade Karuna fought strongly against patriarchal trends in the party. Whenever any male comrade pressurized her for marriage in an inappropriate way, she criticized him in the meetings of the platoon. She was always against any pressure of the men on women. Just before one or two months before her martyrdom she married a fellow fighter comrade. Since he works in another area they hardly spent a week together after their marriage. Since they gave more importance to the duties of the revolution than to their personal life, they proceeded to their areas to make successful the TCOC against the enemy in their areas.

Comrade Karuna once again proved that the of married life of a revolutionary would be full of sacrifices. One more ideal characteristic of Comrade Karuna was her hardworking nature. Whether she was in platoon or in company, whether she was a member or a commander, she always used to come forward to carry luggages. In the memorial meeting held to commemorate Karuna, Company commander remembered her like this: “whenever I remember comrade Karuna, I visualise her with a bundle on her head because whenever there was any extra luggage in platoon or company she used to come forward to lift it. We must learn this quality of doing hardwork from her life.”

In the same meeting a woman comrade said, “Whenever we woman fighters feel that our self-confidence is coming down, we should remember Comrade Karuna. She is not just a source of inspiration but a source of energy also.”Comrade Karuna was selected for the assault team of Daula raid in which she had to fight by entering into enemy’s fortress. She advanced without caring a bit for her life. She fell to enemy bullets while trying to enter it.



Comrade Pottami Ramo (Somvari)

Comrade Pottami Ramo, known in the Party as ‘Somari’ and ‘Saraswati’ was born in Pumbad village of Gangalur range in Bijapur Tehsil of Dantewada district. She was the eldest among five siblings. Pumbad is one of those villages, which contributed many soldiers to fight for the liberation of the people. Pumbad’s history will be written in red letters in current history of the revolutionary movement. Many comrades from this village joined PLGA and are commanders at present.

Comrade Somari who was born and brought up in this village adopted a disciplinary life naturally. After working in KAMS she became a candidate member of the party. She joined the Gangalur guerrilla squad in 2001. She earned people’s confidence while going around the villages with the squad. By seeing her determination and discipline Party confirmed her membership. In 2003 she was transferred to Platoon-4. Later in 2004 she became a member of the newly formed First Company. She participated in Modukupalli, Salapalli ambushes and Geedam raid. Somari was an exemplary guerrilla in observing discipline.

Implementing the orders of the leadership as a disciplined soldier, mingling with everybody, criticizing the comrades for their mistakes, helping the comrades in rectifying their mistakes etc. are the characteristics that should learn from Comrade Somari. Another charming characteristic of Comrade Somari was her active participation in military drill and exercises in which she always stood first. She used to think that, she should never lag behind the men comrades. She used to do all the items of the exercises without any hesitation. If she could not do properly any item, the next day she would come to the ground before the roll call and practice the item till she got perfection.

She used to feel it as a great loss if on any day she could not go to the ground. She never liked to miss the exercise with small excuses. She was always with a smiling face. She used to talk with everybody freely without any hesitation. Because of her military capabilities she was allotted to be in the assault group during the raid on Daula police camp in Narayanpur tehsil of Bastar district. She was very happy to be chosen for an important task. She advanced in the raid along with Com Karuna with great enthusiasm and determination. But she was martyred at an early age in that battle.

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