Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Marrivemula Martyrs

Martyrdom : 20-04-2005



Comrade Anjali (Vasanta)

Com. Anjali (19) was born in the Guthikonda Bilam village where Com. Charu Majumdar had conducted the meeting of the All India Coordination Committee of Revolutionaries. She was inspired by the people’s struggles in Palnadu area. During the 2004 ‘Talks’ period she participated in the land struggles in her village. She participated in the building of Martyrs column for Charu Mazumdar in her village. She went as a volunteer to the meeting in Hyderabad where formation of CPI (Maoist) was hailed.

She became a full timer in November 2004 and worked in the Bilam area. She worked with determination withstanding all the physical problems and difficulties in the squad life. She had good initiative and was always cheerful. She learnt to read and write within a short period. She was martyred in an encounter with the police on April 20, 2005 along with Com. Sunita.

Comrade Ramulamma (Sunita)

Com. Sunita (20) was born in a poor dalit family in Adigoppula village of Durgi mandal in Guntur district Her parents married her off at a very young age. She was harassed by her drunkard husband and her in-laws. She could not bear it any longer and informed the party in the village. The party tried to transform her husband and her in-laws by convincing them to look after her well but they did not heed. Finally Sunita decided to separate from him.

She was in the forefront in all the struggles in her village. Gradually she developed her consciousness and decided to work as a PR in the party. Sunita joined the Chandravanka squad at the end of 2003. Within a few days, she was transferred to the platoon. In 2004, she participated in the two Remidicharla ambushes actively. She participated in the rocket attack on Bandlamotu PS. She participated in the Addanki and Chilakaluripeta raids on police stations as an assault team member.

Thus she played her role in getting weapons for the PLGA. She participated in punishing the land lords too. She worked with initiative and daring during the repressive regime of Chandrababu Naidu. She was always conscious about the need to protect the leadership. She used to do military practice daily in the squad. She was a hard worker and did all her works patiently. She learnt to read and write in the party in a very short time and began reading books. She had great thirst for knowledge and always tried to increase her awareness by asking questions. She wanted to develop herself along with the movement. She was martyred in an encounter at Marrivemula in Pullalacheruvu area on April 20, 2005. She laid down her life valiatly fighting the enemy.

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