Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Kaalla Ailamma (Swaroopa)


Martyrdom : 07-03-2005

Com. Ailamma was born in Nagaram village of Bhoopalapalli mandal of Warangal dt in a poor family. She had an elder sister. Her mother died when she was a child. Her father herded sheep. Due to poverty both the sisters went to work as labourers. Swaroopa was married off at a young age. But her husband was a drunkard and he began harassing her within a few days after marriage. So she came back to her father’s home and started working in the Sangam.

Her father put pressure on her to go back to her husband. But she was not ready for that. Finally she decided to become a full timer for the party and joined the squad in 1994. Her squad life started in the Mahadevpur area of Karimnagar district. Within six months she learnt to read and write and began reading books. She showed interest in studying the society. She was sent to Manuguru area to work there. She went there without hesitation though that area was new to her. Between 1995 and 2006, she worked in the Kinnera and Manuguru areas. She had health problems and her uterus was removed. But she continued in the squad life in spite of health problems.

She fulfilled her responsibilities as the member of LGS committee. A Mahila squad was formed in 2001 to develop the women’s movement in the Eturunagaram area and she worked in it as the deputy commander. Later she was transferred to Venkatapur in 2002 and there she worked as the deputy commander of Wajedu LGS. Though it was a hilly terrain and the language new, she overcame her health problems with revolutionary spirit and fulfilled her duties. It was a hard life there.

But she continued. In 2004, she became the commander of Charla squad. In this process, her health condition deteriorated further and she did not want it to become a hurdle for the whole squad. So she put the proposal before the party to give her some other work other than organizational work. The party considered this reasonable proposal and relieved her from the responsibility of the commander. She became very sick and so she went to the hospital for treatment. There she was caught by the enemy and was murdered. She was a model guerilla in overcoming health problems and working with revolutionary spirit.

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