Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Lakshmi


Martyrdom : 10-05-1997

Com. Lakshmi (Jyothi, Madhavi) was a member of the Kinnera squad of North Telangana Forest division. She was born in Bhongirpalli village of Bhopalpalli mandal, Warangal district She had one sister. Lakshmi studied till 5th standard. As they had economic difficulties, she had to work as a labourer. At the young age of 15, she was married against her will. She had faced harassment of her husband in her in-laws’ home and it was difficult for her to bear the feudal traditions which her in-laws imposed on her. So she went back to her parents. Lakshmi had progressive thinking from the beginning and she was attracted towards revolutionary ideology in 1992.

She came into contact with the Mahadevpur squad. There was no women’s organization in her village and she worked actively in the Rytu Coolie Sangam. Party told her to organize women and teach the villagers to read and write in the night school. She fulfilled these responsibilities sincerely. People were afraid to give shelter to the squad due to the severe repression unleashed by the enemy in 1992. So she used to sleep alone in the forest and went around the villages teaching revolutionary politics to the people. In 1993, responding enthusiastically to the call of the party she joined the Mahadevpur squad as a full time activist changing her name to Jyothi.

She never wasted her time in the squad and developed herself politically. She developed her understanding about poeple’s problems and came closer to them. She married a fellow guerilla in the end of 1993. It was a love marriage. She upheld party ideals in her personal relations too. She became a party member in 1994. Though she had serious health problems she overcame them with political consciousness. She was bitten by a snake and had spots all over her body. Her leg had a wound. Still she participated in the military camp in 1996.

In May, 1996 she participated actively in the special political classes for women and insisted on the importance of building the women’s organization. In September, 1996 she joined the Kinnera squad as Madhavi and within a short period, she became an apple of the eye of the people of that area. When the squad was talking to the tendu leaf labourers in Venkatapuram village in Aswapur mandal, SSF police attacked them on May 10, 1997. Lakshmi was hit in the heart and died heroically fighting the enemy. Even in her last moments, she did not lose heart and told her fellow comrades about her condition and died. The revolutionary movement had lost a good teacher and organizer.

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