Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Jadi Annapurna

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Martyrdom : 08-05-1997

Com. Annapurna (Geetha) was born in a poor family in Mandamarri of Adilabad district Her family was in contact with the party and her brother was working as a full timer. So Purna came under the influence of revolutionary politics since she was a child. She studied till 5th standard and stopped her studies as they were too poor to send her to school. She used to read revolutionary literature with the little knowledge she had and tried to understand the society.

Even after getting married, she longed to know about the party and its politics. Her husband was a drunkard and a good for nothing fellow. Many times she tried to put him on the correct path but what she got in reply was physical and mental abuse. She had to go without food too. She gave birth to a son. As the harassment of her husband increased with each passing day, she left him and came back to her parent’s home.

She told her brother in 1993 that she wanted to work in the party. With the help and encouragement of her brother, she came into contact with the party. She worked as an anganwadi teacher for some days. She stayed in Bellampalli town for one year on the suggestion of the party. In 1994, she changed her name to Geetha and joined the squad leaving her son and parents.

She was much attached to her son but left him for a higher ideal. In 1996, she was given party membership. She worked as a doctor in the squad and was kind in looking after the sick persons, thus winning the confidence of guerillas. She never tolerated any discrimination on women. She insisted on the importance of building women’s movement. On 8-5-1997, SSF police attacked the Bodh squad at 5.30 a.m. and Geetha and the commander of the squad Com. Arjun were martyred in that attack. Geetha had the potential to come into leadership soon and it is a great loss to have lost such a comrade in the enemy onslaught.

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