Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Padma (Vijaya)

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Martyrdom : 09-09-1993

On September 9, 1993, a six member squad had taken shelter in Padkal village in Nizamabad district. 550 police and para military forces surrounded the village. The squad fought for about 24 hours with the enemy heroically. The commander killed an STF police and seized an AK-47 from him and escaped safely from the encirclement in one of the most heroic incidents in the history of the movement. The squad members Vijaya, Lalitha were martyred along with three more members in this incident.

Com. Padma was born in a middle class family in Bachanpalli village, Bhimgal mandal of Nizamabad district. Her parents stopped sending her to school after she finished her primary school with the feudal ideology that girls don’t need higher studies. 19 year old Padma used to roll beedies at home. She was inspired by the anti-feudal struggles breaking in her village and in the neighbouring villages. She tried for party contact and after finding the squad, expressed her wish to join it.

The party advised her to work in the village among women for some time and increase her political understanding. She heeded the advice. Her parents were against her working in the party and so they sent to her away to their relatives’ house for some days. But Padma again got hold of the contact of the party and joined the squad in the beginning of 1993. She worked as Vijaya in the Sirnapalli squad. She used to mingle with all the old and new members in the squad like an old friend.

On 9-9-1993, the squad took shelter in Padkal. After finishing their meals at night, she came downstairs and was talking with the house owner when the police surrounded the house with specific information about the squad. Padma was caught unarmed and killed after severe torture even while the encounter was going on. Padma laid down her life for the cause of revolution at a very young age. Let us emulate her ideals.

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