Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Sakkubai (Aruna)

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Martyrdom : 1993

Com. Aruna was born in Timmayapalli of Medak district in a poor family. 900 acres of patta land of a big land lord Narsimha Reddy of her village was occupied by the people under the leadership of the party. She wanted to be part of the struggle which would unshackle the feudal chains of her people. She used to bring her friends also to meet the squad. Since she lived in poverty from childhood, economic problems were not new to her. She not only used to weed and cut the harvest but also did difficult jobs like ploughing, slicing wood etc along with her brothers. Along with helping her family in the fields, she used to make beedis to help sustain her family.

When her fathrer harassed her mother, she supported her mother by standing up against him. She helped her mother in the household work and showered the love of a mother on her brothers. Such was the personality of Sakkubai. In 1988, Sakkubai came full time into the party and worked as Aruna in the Ellareddy squad for some time. Then she worked in Bhimgal in the name of Lakshmi. She met the women workers in the beedi factories and explained to them about the exploitation of seths and munims.

She encouraged them to join the sangams and prepared them to fight for their rights. She mobilized the support of other sections of people for the struggles of wage labourers. The Gonugoppula land lord America Chenna Reddy was annihilated and his car was blasted in order to control the land lords who stood against the land occupation struggles of the peasantry. She displayed good initiative in this struggle. She was in the forefront in punishing many goons, informers and oppressors of people.

She won the enormous confidence of the people of her area and tried to fulfill her responsibility as a cell member in the squad well. Aruna had always tried to organize and lead the people into struggles even amidst severe repression. Though she suffered from severe stomach ache many times and had become sick with other illnesses, she worked in the squad with renewed determination climbing hills and walking in the forests. She is a role model of a people’s leader which all of us have to emulate. Aruna died in an encounter with the police near Bhairanpur in Banswada area of Nizamabad district in 1993.

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