Women Martyrs of The Indian Revolution-Comrade Shantakka

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Martyrdom : 19-05-1993

Comrade Santhakka was born in a ‘Gonda’ family of Cheryal (in Warangal District). In the beginning Santhakka opposed the participation of her husband Com. Sattenna in party activities. In due course, observing the politics and practice of the party, she also decided to work as a full timer. Leaving their son behind, she became a member of the squad of which Sattenna was the commander and spent two years of harsh squad life. Comrade Santhakka became literate only after joining the party.

She used to be in the forefront of all kinds of works in the squad and used to express her views without any hesitation. She played her role in solving the problems arising in the squad. With the information given by a traitor, comrades Sattenna and Santhakka were arrested by the police when they came out for medical treatment. But police could not get a single piece of information from these ideal communists even after very cruel torture and so shot them dead and repeated the usual fake story of encounter.

Though knowing the whereabouts of Chityala squad, the firm determination of comrade Santhakka in not revealing the information and saving the lives of many comrades is exemplary to others. To see the bodies of their beloved leaders thousands of people came defying the police repression. Even enduring the lathi charge, they paid their homage to those martyr comrades and took an oath to take their path

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